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  1. I dont really care if he had one or not. Im inflamed over the potential court martial of the navy officer who shot back
  2. can anyone review the trigger? How much better is it over the tapco? ALG has been running sales amuck. Is it definitely worth the time for fitting it?
  3. Genius Designer and inventor, May God keep you in peace Comrade
  4. Have you tried a vertical grip? Not really to grab onto but to index your lower three fingers and bring your hand down the handguard slightly. And when you say barrel shroud do you mean gas tube cover?
  5. c cant say it works yet though CSS handguard barrel shroud - let me find a picture of it unpainted edit: found it FYI: I don't care if anyone likes the black better, Its my gun
  6. the tromix and dinzag require moving the fsb and barrel threading, so add that into your cost. I have the 17x1 and tat for the dinzag, if you might want to purchase it but it will require some elbow grease and a stout vise. it works great, but I haven't used any others. AR10 you will need threading to 5/8x32 possibly needing also to lathe the barrel. No fuss no muss, go with the sgm,
  7. Sounds too heavy to be humping around for any period of time unless you are used to it. please keep the ethical range inside of 200yd, mine shoots about 4-5moa with s&b cheap milsurp. at 100 yds is still minute of deer, the last thing you want is a 500 yard shot, shooting a deer in the butt, being unable to track it, and some anti hunting libtard finding it, posting it up on youtube saying how cruel hunters are and causing more anti hunting problems for you. For general hunting, I am in the camp that states you would want a scalpel, not really a hammer.
  8. look up the kushnapup threads, that seems to bethe easiest and most popular.
  9. the Zenitco is really you can really see the respect Russian owners have for this weapon platform, Don't see too much tactical crap on these rifles like here in the states. Well thought out systems. Even the "ugly" ones are enviable to own here Also, overall, I see the adherence to the tradition of the side rail mount over the top receiver rails.
  10. a good deal is if you think the gun is worth it. I saw saigas going upwards of $700 recently here in Cali. The Saiga market definitely has its ups and downs, depending on when the supply dries up for a few months, then we get boatloads of them and it drives down the price.
  11. i know the hold is incorrect, she has since gone lefty and shoots much tighter groups
  12. she is going to be my most expensive child
  13. i never shoot it, but everyone needs a 1911
  14. i have since upgraded the muzzle with a battlecomp for better flash suppression and compensation, saves some weight as well on the muzzle end
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