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  1. WTS Zastava .308 New--Unfired $699 Shipped [/url Great rifle, no blemishes, I simply have other priorities right now. I'm just looking to get what I spent. Some observations for my Saiga bros.. Rifle has gas selector. Trigger could use some polishing. Rear trunnion is not universal stamped ak. Stock is comfortable, but I'm seeing ppl going the ace block route if they swap. PG receiver hole is round. PSL/Dragunov side scope mount. Rear site is graduated in meters 100 - 1000 No cant. muzzle thread protector (14mm LH AK) has a small spot weld that could be filed off. One of
  2. Galil 50 Round mag Excellent function fired perfect and not modded. Fit my Saiga 223 with just BG, but can't guarentee that for you. $60 Shipped Listed on Gunbroker as buy now, but listed cheaper here. I will pull as soon as I receive a serious PM, but I will honor the GB if I don't see your PM in time. MSA AR mag adapter unused, but sold as blemished (I think cuz they forgot to mark MSA--looks fine). $75 Shipped. Choate Dragunov Style Butt Stock, fitted but never fired or fielded with. Also includes cheek rest and butt pad extension. No forearm. Fits stamped receiver. $50 Shi
  3. You know it's bad when you feel better about your MidwayUSA back-order portfolio than your retirement savings.
  4. Each item lowered by $5. S308 20 round mag is now $27 shipped. UTG aluminum quad rail for standard AK is now also $27.
  5. Slight wear from mag well insertion. 100% functional. $32 Shipped Never used aluminum quad rails for standard fit AK forend (not Yugo/Saiga etc). Comes with screws and shims. I don't have any rubber rail covers. $32 Shipped Money order or silent Paypal First responses win. Send me PM. Fred
  6. I have two converted S223's. They are beasts and digest anything. Only issue I had was a single Galil mag sat too low and need a little work. I never even imagined issues with the action itself. Depending on which mags you prefer to use, some S223's take them readily, some with just a bullet guide, and others need some 'fitting' work.
  7. Nice setup. Just a FYI: I once had to dremel a little of the pistol grip nut in order for the PG to get closer to the receiver. The inside of the PG was hitting the nut. Good luck.
  8. dobravery

    223or 545

    If you plan to load up on a bunch of ammo bought off the internet, then get the 5.45. If you tend to just buy a couple boxes of ammo here and there, then get the 5.56. There are many things to consider, but I think the above pertains most to the casual shooter. When you consider the .223 round v 5.45, also remember that .223 is weaker than 5.56 Nato. Any great things you read about 5.56 Nato just isn't the same if you shoot nothing but imported steel cased .223.
  9. Get a Tapco (~$45) or other US handguard (1 US part). The Surefire mags are 3 US parts. With these 4 US parts, you would be all set.
  10. Not to be a party pooper, but my Saiga came with a very clear warning not to handle the yellow wrapping and then your lunch without washing your hands. Who knows what toxic chemicals it's made from
  11. No bullet guide needed. Requires a little dremeling of the front trunnion inside the mag well. I think MSA has instructions posted. You will get instructions if you buy one. Go slow (heat is bad), fit often, dremel as little as required. Since the adapter is fitting tightly to the trunnion, nothing should wobble.
  12. I think he is talking about the US stocks that fit a non-converted rifle and have a PG built in. That is why that user talks about having to use US hi cap mags without converting. It isn't a one piece receiver/trunnion, but a one piece stock and PG.
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