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  1. the only difference between the RAS and C39v2 is the receiver. same everything else. I think they are nice looking rifles, if Century would just keep the QC consistent modifying the locking lugs on any surplus AK bolt for headspacing is a risky business.. be aware that the lug surfaces are not truly flat, they are helically milled but I rebarreled a Yugo SKS using a Chinese barrel that would not time up or headspace correctly, and ended up breaking out the file set until it did.. so I'm not one to talk.
  2. I only have a Zastava M77, no Saiga or Vepr .308. The best I have been able to shoot with it is a little under 2 MOA using German MEN 7.62 NATO ball surplus. Good for an AK but not the best that .308 can do. Setting up optics on an AK is expensive. All .308 AK mags are expensive. All .308 AKs are heavy. Going back in time I would have rather spent my money on an AR-10 of some type, but at this point the M77 is somewhat collectible since they were available so briefly, so I will probably never sell it. I have looked into building an AR-10 for hunting this year but I have turned towa
  3. If the refrigeration lines are under pressure how does the graphite get in? Between assembling and evacuating/charging the system
  4. Looks like fun but I just can't get into the plastic .22LR AKs. I wish I had bought a WASR-22 when they were available years back. There were M10-22 kits a year ago but nobody makes receivers AFAIK.
  5. Check the MSDS on your anti-seize Many today use graphite, and graphite is corrosive to aluminum. The anti-seize can also potentially creep past the threads and contaminate the AC lines.
  6. He seems to be optimistic and says he will be back soon. I wish he would just get better and call it a day. I'd like for him to live long enough to realize he has been on the wrong side of things for a long time and at least apologize to us. Yeah I don't think so.. My guess is he makes one last return for a round of applause, votes on some shit, and never returns.
  7. Sorry to reply so late to your thread, hope you're still around. What is the ejection pattern of cases, how far away, etc? I suspect that the rifle is overgassed and is affecting the ejection pattern to the point that cases occasionally bounce back into the receiver. As you already noted, the .223 case in an AK action can have a tendency to flip backwards and hit the forward edge of the dust cover. The fact that the addition of an older style ribbed dust cover reduced (but didn't eliminate) the FTEs shows that this may have something to do with it. Here we have this handy video whe
  8. I don't like McCain at all but I don't wish it on any one. Shit way to go. My aunt died of identical type of tumor that began in the heart and metastasized in the brain. She was in her early 50s and by the time she passed she was basically immobile and insane. Just a year or two before that she was a senior analyst for the FAA. He is 80 and the survival rate for this type of cancer is basically zero. He'll be gone within the year.
  9. I have been on arfcom a lot Someone over there recently sold an SGL-31 for $2.2k
  10. I guess it could have been the main offsite backup for everything that was kept at Coruscant.. The defenses were certainly enough. But it wasn't really fully explained in the movie, just that it was a generic "archival facility.:"
  11. The battle scenes were some of the best out of all the SW movies made... Felt like a real SW war movie versus philosophical ramblings about the force, etc. It was cool to see them use stuff out of the extended universe during the final battle - like Y-wings doing bombing runs, ion cannon/torpedo disabling capital ships, and trapping other ships out of hyperspace with gravity well. The Vader scene seemed like something out of an Alien movie and is the sort of stuff that Vader had a reputation for but was never really shown in any previous movie. However it makes zero sense that th
  12. yeah you couldn't convince me that the polymer 74M/100 series stocks would deal very well with being run over either.
  13. Thanks bud, wouldn't have been able to get it wrapped up without your nice tools.. Hope my replacement for the jaw I broke is working out OK.
  14. I feel like the only one out there who generally hates horror movies. They just don't scare me, and mostly seem like corny garbage. I get more annoyed at the ridiculous infallibility of the monsters/etc. and the way the victims make all the worst choices imaginable, are never armed, own cars that don't start, try to escape into dead end areas, etc.
  15. And the worst thing that the media has on Trump today is a tweet with a graphic in it that vaguely looks like a star of David. They've got NOTHING on Trump by comparison to Clinton.
  16. If you follow some of the threads over on arfcom, there is rumored collusion between NFATCA and the ATF - possible involvement of NRA and other 2A groups, as some of the NFATCA guys are also big NRA donors - unfortunately that does not mean that they think you and I should get to have all of the cool toys that they get to have.. Boiling down the thread(s), the NFA Trade & Collectors Association is rumored to be behind a lot of the recent ATF rulings - basically NFATCA saw that there was a possibility that the ATF loosening the process (eForms, etc.) requirements for NFA acquisition cou
  17. I remember when someone on Prison Planet or Info wars found satellite images of cara parked in delivery lots at several marine ports, still wrapped in their white plastic protective sheeting, and ran with the story that they were UN vehicles being staged for martial law. lol
  18. They just had that upper with the BCG and CH in stock earlier for $370 earlier today. Went fast. I'm also working on an A3 clone, and if I wasn't set on using a heavy barrel I'd jump on one of the melonited PSA 20s. it seems like they must only build 5-10 at a time because they sell out immediately, even though demand for the 20" GI style uppers is not that high... but they are bar none the best deal on a quality upper in that style.
  19. about a week later and the panic really doesn't seem to be much to write home about. all steel-cased ammo is generally in stock, I was able to order 500rd WPA from SGAmmo yesterday. I also ordered a Premium A2 LBK from PSA at weekend sale prices. I've been wanting to build an M16A3 clone for some time to start doing CMP/NRA service matches, but was sort of on the fence about it, so I figured I might as well start on it now. Just waiting for PSA to show some of their complete A3 uppers back in stock - I have heard that their A3 uppers with 4150 melonite barrels are tack drivers.
  20. It's "legal" in my state, and I'll occasionally use it. It's currently being grown and sold within the state, no Mexican cartels involved. Is it still illegal per federal code? Yeah, you bet. Don't care. By the same token, if WA were a "firearms freedom" state, I would have all sorts of cool toys with no stamps attached, and I wouldn't care less what the feds thought about that. Freedom, how does it work?
  21. Same stuff seen all over various type of AKs inner crevices. You could also spray small amount of penetrating fluid such as PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench, let sit over night, and blast out with compressed air.
  22. Yes, but would not be surprised to see it back. Almost the same identical bill has been introduced almost every session for the past 20 years. At some point someone is going to get the bright idea to put it forth as an initiative, and it might pass on the greater Seattle metro area alone.
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