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  1. cgp

    Girls with Vepr-12

    Tatyana and Lola...MOAR pics please!
  2. Sure does. I've seen that somewhere before. It's on the tip of my tongue...
  3. I don't like it. It feels the Kalashikov name is overused and watered down. I just think of the Kalashnikov Vodka, Kalashnikov this, Kalashnikov that.
  4. All of mine feed fine. However, I don't always get that LRBHO function. Never had that issue with factory mags
  5. Where did you get this? thanks +2. Where?
  6. Very comfortable. Shot it side by side with my buddies SPX 930. That SPX beat my shoulder and palm shooting slugs.
  7. Sorry to revive this old thread. Took my VEPR 12 this weekend and used my PolyChoke II Flash. Groups are indeed tighter. Shooting slugs at 50 yards produced a nice 3 inch pattern (open xtra full). However, I noticed my POI shifted dramatically about a good 3-4 inches left from it's original POI with the CSS GK-01 clone. I'm not sure what's causing it.
  8. cgp

    Saiga 12 factory Magwell

    Thanks for the tips! I have 2 Izzy mags that needs the proper gun to go with! After seeing the parts for the LRBHO, I can see why it's difficult. I am leaning towards not doing that part but the Magwell looks very doable.
  9. cgp

    Saiga 12 factory Magwell

    It came with the box of parts that I got. I assumed that its an after market conversion kit and came with everything necessary to install it on a non-Magwell Saiga 12.
  10. cgp

    Saiga 12 factory Magwell

    To clarify some misinformation. You cannot purchase the LRBHO from either company. If you are wanting the factory LRBHO, get in line as it hasn't been available to the US market for sometime. Rusmilitary carried it only once and even then it's a project and a half to get it installed. I am assuming what Magicmonger is referring to is the BHO which is a different cat in itself. You will need to modify your receiver to install the magwell properly. Yes, this requires taking material away. There is a template floating around the forum, find it before you start as it has all the correct measurements. You will also need to modify for the front lug as well. Tools you will need are a dremel, some files, and a caliper. Again, don't start this project without the template in hand and get the thought of the LRBHO out of your head. The chances of this happening are slim to none. For whatever reason, if you back out of the project PM me and I'll purchase the parts. No I didn't post the above information to scare you away and take your parts. Just making you fully aware of what you are proposing. Edited: For spelling errors I appreciate your reply. My reference is the VEPR 12 which I do have. I am assuming the S12 has a similar design, if not identical. I am almost complete with the parts I need to make the -030, including the AK-100 stock assembly with pad, I am missing the LRBHO parts and the S12 front latch assembly.
  11. cgp

    Saiga 12 factory Magwell

    Thanks Jeluvsk! Any idea on the LRBHO parts? I have a couple of the Izhmash 8-round magwell type mags. I'd probably want to get the bolt hold functioning as well.
  12. Got this recently that came with a bunch of other stuff. I understand that this is the factory Saiga 12 Magwell assembly. Are the parts shown pretty much all I need to install on my non-Magwell type Saiga 12? What else would I need to get the LRBHO feature like the VEPR 12? Lastly, what's this worth?
  13. The GK-01 clone from CSS works great on mine. IMHO, it's the only brake I'd consider at this point to make my VEPR-12 922r compliant.
  14. Lighted up the mortar before dropping it on the tube. Exploded about 10 feet away from me and burned my hand and scared the shit out of the neighbors.
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