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  1. There is a ton of data on the web on this subject. Expand your search from YouTube out to many of the gun forums (Highroad has an extensive thread) and study the posts. A lot of great information.. I have seen IMR-4064 listed as the culprit in multiple threads on multiple forums, but recommended charge load varies. I have found Federal brass to be on the soft side, thus potentially reducing the number of reloads, but if you are reloading precision rifle ammunition for a single rifle, I recommend you use fire formed brass from the rifle you intend to reload for and neck resize. Lastly, I would say don’t get too hung up on perfectly matching FGMM ammo. Both Varget and IMR 4064 produce excellent accuracy and precision using FGMM bullets. I have found both of these powders can produce sub .5” five shot groups with Fed. FGGM 175 grains and Hornady 178 gr AMAX and Match bullets. Work up some loads using the info on the web, but also keep in mind safe published working pressures at mins and max charges for the powder you use. Work safe and work up. Find out what your rifle likes. As good as FGMM shoots, (and it is great ammo), I have found that you can improve upon its results. Good luck.
  2. Those $34 Anderson’s were hard to turn down.
  3. IMHO he would have learned a lot more about his rifle if he built it (with your help) from scratch, but I know your proud, and every new gun owner is another warrrior for those (our) rights. Thank you for being an influence to the next generation.
  4. Naw...you’d be a terrible Head of Housekeeping. You’d either be at the Pier or shark fishing, although she would get a nice meal on a regular basis. 😉
  5. Spacehog


    Gas ports in the gas block with the puck removed perhaps? They can foul up over time and cause cycling issues. Just poke them through from the gas block side into the barrel. I am sorry to hear about the stroke. I hope that you are still able to enjoy the Saiga.
  6. That rocks! I know you’re proud!
  7. Spacehog


    Just picked one up NIB with one factory mag and (4) ten round mags. I didn’t have time to play with it, but it dumped the 5 round mag twice with no issues using the Federal Wallyworld bulkpack ammo. I found that somewhat surprising. I agree with Ben, the safety feels flimsy and cheap, but it functions well and is easy to manipulate. The factory trigger is actually decent compared many other AK variants. With a little work it could be even better. We will see if it holds up, but I am pretty impressed with its initial quality and performance. IMHO, well worth $460 with (4) mags.
  8. Interesting. I wonder if they will offer that bullet for reloading. I load up subs with 208 grain AMAX over 10.5 grains of AA1680. Very quiet, but I have recovered some of the AMAX bullets after firing that were almost pristine. No expansion and the only deformity is the rifling on the bullet jacket. Appreciate the heads up on this ammo. I will definitely try some.
  9. Congratulations on a son and a beautiful family MM!
  10. Spacehog

    Failure to eject

    Pics would help..of the casing and orientation of the stove pipe, the mag where it is gouging, the bolt face, etc.
  11. I understand. I have gone the same route with 300 BLK in an AR SBR. I mostly shoot subs out of it, but with similar ballistics between the 300BLK Supersonic and the X39, it would make a fine short range deer/hog gun for sure.
  12. I just looked up your CZ and read a couple of reviews on it. I don't blame you for wanting to hold on to it. It truly is a beautiful rifle. It seems that the accuracy you are seeing out of it is par for the other reviews I read 2.5 - 3". The Ruger American Ranch stock is pillared and the barrel is completely free floated from the receiver to the end of the barrel. This probably accounts for a lot of the difference. I have also found that the tension on the action screws mating it to the stock can open or close groups with adjustment. Possible get a torque reading on your screws and adjust 5 inch/pounds at a time up or down within the CZ specs to see if it tightens up the groups some. Just a thought.
  13. I will post up some more groups once I get some quality brass case x39. I will need to sight in again with the Hornady SSTs prior to Nov. 17th. Won’t be Lapua, but it should produce better results than what I have already tested.
  14. My primary beef with Ruger in the past has been it seems like their liability lawyers are fundamental members of the design team. As a result, I think some features that have made it into their firearms in the past, got in the way of the shooting experience in lieu of safety, this making sure they covered themselves in case of a lawsuit. That is understandable I guess in today’s culture, but fortunately they hit a home run with this one IMHO.
  15. Just to be clear, I shot several groups with the rifle. Not every group was like the ones above. Those were the best for each respective ammo. Worst group with Tulammo was 2.25 to 2.5”, Golden Tiger faired better with the worst group at ~1.8”. Funny thing was that the rifle actually shot better once it heated up. The only thing I can think of is the first few groups were shot while the barrel was rapidly warming up with the can on, so each shot was shot at a different temperature. Looking forward to seeing what it will do with some higher quality ammunition. But regardless if it inproves much or not, I am happy with it.