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  1. Glad to see Arcii (pl. Arcus) getting some love!
  2. Not at all. Just the folder meachanism, specifically the release button and spring. If it disabled the gun when folded, there would have to be some part of the mechanism travelling forward into the trigger group.
  3. have you done any trigger work? That aside, it looks nice
  4. The Glorious Tachikoma


    My Pre-B CZ-85. Static display and action shots.
  5. I like it. It's still a power tool, so it fits
  6. The Glorious Tachikoma


    My Israeli Kareen Mk. III
  7. 'pussy pad'. It's a .223 in an AK. Are you asking about the stock itself, or the folding mechanism? ACE is the best folding mechanism out there, followed closely by the original triangle folder. As far as mags go, the SGM mags are designed to be used by weenies too afraid or incompetent to take a dremel or real tools to their rifle. The feedlips present the cartridge in such a way a bullet guide isn't needed. Personally, I think the main reason to do a .223 AK is for the AR magazines. Otherwise, how is it much different than a 5.45?
  8. This is not meant to be confrontational, but how many times have you seen a dust cover blown off of an AK-pattern rifle during firing? It is one of those things that does happen(regardless of how rarely) and not takeing steps to limit potential damage could land you in the hospital or court if you're selling the kit. If you watch the Youtube vids in slow motion/stop frame, you'll notice that most of the time it's the dustcover being pushed back and the front raiseing up away from the barrel. A simple tab about an ich or so back and over the top of the shroud is usually enough. Wors
  9. It looks much cleaner than the KVar/Century bullpup kit, and isn't a mall-ninja POS like the CBRPS chassis'. I have a couple suggestions though: -Rails: As the forearm is decidedly proprietary you need to modify it to have some mounting points for rail segments, especially to mount a VFG seeing as how your grip involves touching the barrel. -Sights: Arguably this is one of the few places where a scoutscope mount would *not* suck in terms of cheekweld, and Ultimaks cook EOtechs and Aimpoint clones. Additionally, people my like having BUIS. I think that perhaps an Ultimak with a long rai
  10. Sandman, what do you mean by 'cant' on the chaos rail?? Im looking to the MI and chaos rails. Any info helps. I think he means that the receiver is angled from the barrel. As the rails are parallel to the barrel, it appears as if the quad rail is 'canted' relative to the receiver.
  11. I like the idea of buying just the lower portion of the MI extended forearm and then making some sheetmetal wings to bolt to the upper mounts that mimic the shape of the SGM quad.
  12. Is the barrel the same profile? Because one would think that a long-barreled Saiga would have the same issues the PSL has, barrel harmonics throwing accuracy off. Perhaps the sight radius and extra muzzle velocity are compensating enough to notice and improvement?
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