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  1. Grumpyone

    So who is in the Northwest?? Roll Call

    Retired from active duty and living in Seabeck Washington. It's west of Bremerton in the foot hills and on the Hood Canel
  2. I looked at this when you posted on Tuesday and today I did a quick google searh and I think you have no takers because a new 15 round magazine can be purchased anywhere from $19.99 to $23.99 depending on where you are shopping. I'm not exactly sure what the pre ban has to do with the magazines available online now, but they are new 15 round Glock 19 magazines. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you may need to change your price to sell them.
  3. Grumpyone

    Cerakoted Saiga

    GameOps Seems like a huge investment to do it yourself the 6 color start kit is $180 alone. There's also thickness of the coating that that you have to maintain. Of course if you think you may want to do it again or on other weapons it may be worthwhile. Here's the PDF to the application guide for H gun coatings. Have a read through and see if you would want to tackle it yourself. I do know the gentleman that did mine has a solvent tank, nice sandblaster and oven larger enough for multiple parts http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/resources/files/H-Series%20Application%20Guide.pdf
  4. Grumpyone

    Cerakoted Saiga

    I've taken the gun out a few times to shoot and have shot about 150 rounds since it has been coated, so maybe at least 30 to 40 times of moving the safety lever up and down. I think the texture comes from the blasting off of the orginial paint. It feels kind of smooth, but not completely smooth. I didn't do the coating myself but I have blasted other things and sometimes the media can put little dents or nicks into it.
  5. Grumpyone

    Cerakoted Saiga

    I am having a left side charge handle welded to my bolt carrier and will see if I can get that nick touched up when the bolt carrier goes back for some black coating. I've read through all the application guides on the Cerakote web site and I beleive the entire gun will have to be blasted and re-painted. Not sure if that little scratch is worth the cost of that. There is also no guarntee that it won't work it's way through again. Overall I am 100% satisfied with the coating and the gun is completely protected from just about anything.
  6. Grumpyone

    Cerakoted Saiga

    I guess this is the best picture that shows the safety lever scratch. Gun was coated in Cerakote 6 months ago. Heat cured at 250 degrees. Looking like a littel scratch at the by the F Still extremely satisfied with the results of the coating and would do it again.
  7. Grumpyone

    Need fellow S12er's opinions Re: Paint

    I'd change it.. Cerakote has many different color available and I'm sure you can find somehting you like. I coated mine Titanium and black and pictures of it are posted here http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/13312-picture-post-lets-see-your-saiga-12/page__st__1080&do=findComment&comment=779107 You can view the color and look at those colors on weapons. Afer looking through the Cerakote site and looking at their testing results I didn't want anything else on my gun but it. http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/finishes/
  8. Grumpyone

    Saiga 100 in 30.06

    There's one for sale now on GB starting at $1500 with no bids yet. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=293846049
  9. Grumpyone

    need help around oakland, oregon

    Before I even shot my Saiga-12 I took it straight to the gunsmith and had the gas ports and gas block enlarged, bolt and trigger polished, replaced the gas piston with a performance Puc and then added the TAC-47 auto plug. I've had 0 fail to ejects. With 2 out of 3 ports obstructed that could be the issue.
  10. Does this $550 + shipping still apply? It's only been 5 months and your web site has the guns listed at $749. I'm looking at Saiga prices for a friend and everything just seems to be getting pretty crazy for some reason. We've been checking GB but they always seem to go way beyond what he's willing to pay. Thanks
  11. Grumpyone

    Hypothetical 922 Inspection

    All the US parts are maked USA on them. From your rails to your gas plugs, triggers and hammers. It's very easy to verify what you have installed.
  12. Grumpyone

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    Here's my Saiga-12 It's been stripped and sandblasted.The receiver, dust cover, barrel, and ladder rail protectors have been coated with Tungsten Cerakote while the bolt, trigger, trigger guard, safety lever and bolt hold open has been coated with graphite black Cerakote. Internal work includes polishing trigger and the bolt. The bolt has also been shaped to allow a full magazine to be inserted wiht the bolt closed. It's a 4 port gun and the gas ports have been drilled t ensure they are uniform. The gas block as also had the hole enlarged a little to ensure the ports are not covered. Chaos Titan Quad Rail Red Jacket Firearms Immobolizer Brake Barrel nut for brake indexing Magpul flip up front and rear sights FAB Defense T-POD Tactical Foregrip-Bipod TAC-47 Auto Plug CSS Performance PUC Phoenix Technologies Kicklite 6 positionTactical Stock TAPCO Trigger and Hammer Mission First Tactical Engage AK grip Carolina Trigger Guard Surefire Flashlight with GunTec 1 inch offset Flashlight mount MD Arms 20 round drum AGP 10 Round magazine