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  1. oneobliv - Obviously, I don't know your customer's preference on the matter but, for me, that cover served no useful purpose... no children that could get their little fingers inside the mechanism have access to my Saiga, no low-flying birds (or small aircraft) have ever entered there by mistake or on purpose, and because mine never gets dragged through mud, swamps, Jello, or mashed potatoes, I removed it. Then, I found two things: I could now control the release of spring presure when wanting to store the Saiga uncocked on an empty chamber. And the other thing is that many 3-gun competito
  2. Moderator - Please delete this reply to the post thread. I posted it before I realized it was from 2009 and my reply was not relevant to its present track. I apologize. Thank you.
  3. Update - The slugs I was waiting on to do the slug test mentioned above have, finally, arrived; these are the Sauvestre Balle Fleche in 76mm (3-inch). A distributor in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, that I get other stuff from had them in stock but there were some potential issues with US Customs so I didn't order from him, and... Lo and Behold!... I found out Century Arms, right here in the US, had them in stock, I ordered them, waited a lifetime for them to get here, and now they did. For now, I just got hit with a bunch of work all at once and the heavy rains washed out the main road and one sid
  4. It seems to me that anybody serious enough about knowing whether his gun is "compliant" or not should not have to settle for a bunch of guesses or half-answers. After all, quoting "some guy on an Internet forum" won't cut it if questioned by any LEO. Fo me, it was too important an issue to not know for myself for sure; researching to my satisfaction meant more than getting generic opinions, regardless of how good those opinions may be (and some of those above were indeed good). Be that as it may, for answers about compliance with 922r go to the "Tech Section" forum, then to the "Second A
  5. I know this subject has come up in MANY threads and every one of those I have followed ended up in a dead end... well, it seems this time it may be different. Pursuant to an inquiry I made, I just got an email from Vicky Jo Cole at Cadiz Gun Works informing me that LRBHO's are in stock. I also received from her two Youtube links from a customer that bought and installed it. Judging from the videos, it seems that there may be quite a bit of work involved in custom fitting the kit to a Saiga but it does work apparently. Below is an excerpt of her email and the two links. She did not q
  6. Run and Gun - My pleasure!... BTW, What car is that in the background of your avatar? and another question... Did she wash her hands when she got up?
  7. Run and Gun - I apologize for having given you the impression that I was also doing a report on light loads. With the exception of a couple of non-lethals (rubber slugs and balls) which I cycle manually, I don't use any light loads. All modifications I have done to my Saiga have been exclusively to enhance the use of high-power loads. In the process of researching this mods, however, I came across many, many, posts covering tuning for light loads in considerable depth. I am sure that if you spent just a few hours going through the pertinent pinned threads and then doing focused searches you
  8. Point well taken... and coming from someone as experienced as yourself, it is also most welcome. It is very reassuring and comforting to know the steps I've taken to protect an already very sturdy platform will only add to the longevity and usefulness of it for years to come. Having lived behind the 'Iron Curtain' and experiencing first hand the rampant low quality of goods produced by state-employed workers with few prospects for the future, and the powerlessness of the consumer to do anything to improve the quality of his purchased posessions, I may have a tendency to over-compensat
  9. Very good job! I have the JTE and I like it... and it did rather well on your test too. When I evaluated mine using Lightfield 3-inch slugs, my test rig was a Caldwell Lead Sled DFT with two 20 lbs. bags of lead shot in the bottom, me solidly holding it, and it still moved itself and me backwards quite a bit (I had to reposition after every shot). I weigh just over 200 lbs and it still 'rocked' me (12 lb. Saiga+20 lb. sled+40 lbs. shot+205 lb. tester+a few heavy loads=sore shoulder anyway) You may want to consider a heavier test rig and trucker's bungee-type hold down restraint on
  10. This is the second and final installment of my tests of recoil springs in the Saiga 12. The intent of these tests was to find that elusive ‘sweet spot’ where my favorite and most often used rounds, heavy slugs in 3-inch (76mm), would cycle properly and consistently with only a minimum amount of contact between the bolt support assembly and the butt plate. Both in its factory configuration and after certain modifications documented in other posts, the battering was still significant, thus the process of tuning the recoil spring system to reduce or eliminate that battering. Having fail
  11. Mississippi Auto Arms - SGMT 10-rounders - $34 - 174 in stock
  12. Is this what you guys are talking about? http://www.centuryarms.biz/proddetail.asp?prod=SG1874-N and http://www.centuryarms.biz/proddetail.asp?prod=SG1875-N Now, I'm curious...
  13. Here is something that has worked for me... www.littlemachineshop.com I've been buying from them for quite a while and continue to do so. So far they have been great; they know their stuff and don't mind steering you in the right direction. They have helped me even with stuff I bought somewhere else. To me, that's what builds customer loyalty. They have a few items I still want, but this Saiga has used up ALL my discretionary funds. I do have a wish list all typed up in my head and, if any of you wish to contribute to the cause, I can make a copy of it. And if not, that's OK too.
  14. King of the Hill - Thanks for the link. I have set it to "follow". Thanks again
  15. 183cav - I got the queasy suspicion that, just maybe, it may not have been 'designed' to be a tapered pin but, rather, sloppy drilling of the hole makes it wider on whichever side it's drilled from and then the softer pin expands to fit the hole... I don't know... Jack - Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Hope you feel well soon. BTW, where is your sub-forum? I want to add it to my 'route' Is it just 183cav and me that have found those #@&% pins to be tapered? I'd love to hear from you.
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