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  1. Bravo. As a hiker/camper I like this idea of a plastic muzzle brake. Hope you find the perfect medium to use for it's construction.
  2. SNAP! Nice job Corbin finding that for Newbie Philbmp.
  3. Great Saiga 12 techniques you share here. It makes my rifle more flexible in different situations. You Army guys are smart. I was in the US Navy so don't tell anyone I said that to you Army. BLK-HWK-VET you inspire me with the telling of how you lost your arm. You bounced back and overcame serious injury with the love of your Dad and family.
  4. I use "sweetcostarica" on-line because I visited Costa Rica for a month in 2010 with plans of staying for a few years to teach English. But due to the Global Recession, there was less tourism and that equaled less income. So crime was very high and shootings were more frequent especially in my area of San Pedro outside of San Jose. Since I lived in the neighborhoods of my students and couldn't have a Saiga 12 I was an easy target so I decided to move to Alaska. By moving from that beautiful county maybe I was just being chicken but I now live in Anchorage as HighPlainDrifter mentioned. In
  5. Just read this from AK Monty. Of course no one should call anyone stupid. My parents always told me, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Healthy debate is excused because we are passionate and not trying to degrade anyone. Anyway, I want to ask, since I see many Special Forces, Police Dept. personnel, and regular folk using Red Dots sight on their rifles & shotguns (especially at night) why this statement from AK Monty? I truly don't understand the implication that a person using a Red Dot on a Short Barreled Shotgun (SBS) is unwise. I'm an old guy with slo
  6. Hey sccritterkiller in my video on this forum you'll see I have a habit of shooting left, always have. So I'm putting a red dot sight on my Saiga 12 using the included left rail. That is also the reason I, like many other folks bought right sided folding stocks. But like ObiWanBonJovi said: "Basically it depends on what matters most to the end user." His other reasons for right sided folders were very convincing to me but I'm a member of the choir. Also, I too was surprised under-folding stocks were not included in this poll. They seem to be the best design for both sides of this discu
  7. For some reason I keep getting that area in my videos. I makes me popular with the ladies but not with the men. Another reason you see my crotch by accident (this answers your other question BLK-HWK-VET) is what I try to do every time is focus on the subject of the video and I think that means keeping my ugly mug out of it. This is all a personal choice and please no one take offense. I do like videos with the videographer's face in it too but that's just not my style. In future I'll keep my camera not focused on the crotch area. Oh, I use a 15" Macbook Pro with iMovie (latest updated pro
  8. UPDATE: After a thorough cleaning I easily saw shiny places of wear on my Saiga 12. On it's rails, the bolt, the bolt carrier, etc. These wear spots were usually thinnish bright silver lines along the part. So I think for new owner's of the Saiga 12 and most firearms in general before any work on your firearm shoot it first, check functioning, and accuracy. If the firearm works then check the wear spots and (if you want to) just polish them with Flitz or Autosol Metal Polish. No need to use a Dremel tool since the weapon is functioning correctly. If your Saiga 12 is not working right
  9. I think that's a great idea . We would waste less money in testing different ammo.
  10. Thanks for the tip for the grip. I try it latter for sure. Next is a side rail scope mount and Red Dot. Got to get the best combo. Not sure what's happening after this but it will be fun.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV-jezaHzYs Just finished testing out my Saiga 12 for the first time. Did some simple tests. Basically just seeing if the shotgun is reliable and that the parts worked that I added. Hope you get something out of this video . Note: This shotgun was bought in late 2012 and has three (3) unobstructed gas ports.
  12. You make some good points poolingmyignorance and so has HighPlainsDrifter. If everyone was clear thinking, honest, wise, responsible, a good citizen, a great parent, etc. we would not have any laws at all. People with children are responsible for everything that happens in and out of their household involving that child. So I say take the wise road since children are children protect them and wait until they can handle the weight of responsibility in regards to deadly weapons. Lock them up when you are not home! Of course the age when they are ready for weapons training is up to you... and the
  13. Sorry I didn't comment earlier on this HighPlainsDrifter. Just been busy at work (new job). Whenever I see Netpackrat commenting on something I do not engage in any form of intelligent dialog because of what you just experienced. In his mind he is always right as he seems unable to see another point of view. He also prejudges people which in this day and age is unbelievable but this is Alaska. I love it here but in Alaska there is so much freedom in almost all things you can be a good man or a bad man . Most folks are very good though (IMO). HighPlainsDrifter said: "The point being made is
  14. I think when the right sided folder was designed the idea was the safety was already on and the stock blocking the controls on the right side of the gun was a good safety measure. Shooting the rifle with a folded stock was not the best situation. Below: very popular Russian style right side folders.
  15. Shooting any shotgun or rifle with the stock folded should not be done if accuracy is important to you period. It is also very dangerous in self-defense to innocent people in the area. Sure it looks cool in the movies but it isn't practical. I prefer right sided folders personally because: 1. There's a side rail on the left side. It's included in the price so I thought why not try using it like it was designed. 2. It is fast and easy to take 1 to 2 seconds to opening a good right side folder quickly. 3. Many world Armies use them for their soldiers so that's a good test of a piece of eq
  16. I also thanks you Exciter for this report on your (new?) Saiga 12 firing/testing with different ammo. You have helped others out with the results including myself.
  17. Hi dubya I shoot old surplus rifles and now semi-automatic shotguns. I personally get tired of the busing and soreness that come with not using a good recoil pad. I don't think that makes us "girly men". Historical note: I believe soldiers in many wars don't use them. That's amazing to me. Anyway the Sorbothane recoil pad by KICK-EEZ ($40 USD) and the Limbsaver ($40 USD more or less) both look good maybe with modifications/fitting they work. But as I mentioned in another post I use the plain Jane Shooter's Friend recoil pad ($20 USD), photo below at a shooting range on a rifle. It is terr
  18. Answer to below question: because I could.
  19. +1 This is one reason I wanted clarification from Maxwelhse. He was so dogmatic I thought he could have been joking. Even if original folders were made without tangs why would it be bad or speak of the tang as a "cancerous lump". IMO to use a big or small tang on the AK platform is to get the best of both worlds (folder and fixed stock options galore). His strong stand on this topic was/is illogical.
  20. Wow! I never heard such a strong stand about the tang. Maxwelhse all my AK 47s and Saiga 12s have this tang and I have thought about buying and bought some high quality gear that use the tang on this platform. Could you explain in detail about why the tang on my weapons are: "not supposed to be there anyhow". signed: Confused S12 forum member
  21. I think this is that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTZ_zeemP1E Looks like a neat competition rig. I prefer for normal use (camp/hiking) fabric because it's lighter. Something like the one in the below video but for Saiga 12 magazines.
  22. +1 The Break in period and patience first then if needed altering your Saiga 12. cguiro, AA, and most others are correct here. The stories you don't hear are the ones where a guy/gal messed up big time cutting, drilling, modifying, etc. and turned a great firearm into a piece of junk. Start slow and get professional help if you don't know how to do something important. Good luck.
  23. "I'm the theft deterrent." Darth Saigus you're amazing. Unfortunately Darth most of us have to leave our guns unattended from time to time. Example: When I go to court, the supermarket, the Post Office, picking up a child at school, in an establishment that has a no weapons allowed sign when I have a meeting there, etc. "Theft deterrent?" written by Darth Saigus Maybe a DeWalt hard case isn't the best deterrent but it's better than carrying a gun case where more problems may happen. I carry my shotgun and rifles in a non gun case but I will not say what. You never know who's listenin
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