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  1. WOC-12 -> no magwell? Saiga12 revisited. No thanks.
  2. I did the same and I love it too. Unfortunately my MKA now just sits in my closet gathering dust.
  3. If you don't live in CA and have a BB, get rid of it. If you live here, you stuck with it.
  4. They are not interchangeable like Jim said, which is unfortunate since the MKA BB is junk. You'll need to redesign and machine your own, or find someone with a 3D printer.
  5. How about the upper receiver, did that die or is it still in development?
  6. cad_man

    POS guide rod

    Pre XN guide rods are standard right hand threads. I believe XN guide rods are left hand threads, but not sure if it is the receiver end or muzzle end.
  7. cad_man

    Rhino Arms

    This isn't the first attempt at an AR10 shotgun. The RAS-12 could have been a winner, but proprietary ammo is pretty much a sales killer. If Rhino makes magazine feed issues go away then I'll be in line to get one.
  8. cad_man

    Rhino Arms

    Looks very promising, even have a California compliant version. I think I'll be watching this.
  9. I have Thordsen UBMLs on our ARs, and with a minor modification it fits my MKA perfectly.
  10. Is this yours? This would also complete my MKA.
  11. Yep. If it ain't broken..... The other issue with the wire EDM process is the finish. The recast layer from wire EDM doesn't have any functional affect on an AR magwell, but the finish is not that great and can be slightly abrasive, especially after anodize. A broached finish is far superior. The cost of a broach is not cheap either, and you need a broaching machine too, but for production you can't touch it.
  12. Plunge rough the magwell in less than 30 seconds on a VMC or HMC, follow with a single contour pass at 4 or 5 doc, then either wire or broach. Wire EDM is slow and expensive, so you want to finish in one pass if possible. Broaches are more sensitive to the size of the initial form they have to go into, but a faster operation. At the last shop I worked at they would get quotes to wire AR magwells, but would never get any of the jobs because the process is too expensive. This would include hole pop the start hole, then 2 passes (rough & finish). You are looking at $40-$60 per magwell.
  13. I guess your a little too far to help out. If you are ever out here on vacation though...
  14. Installed the Thordsen Bilateral magazine Lock. It was designed for ARs, but works on the MKA too. I have the Thordsen Armorer's Kit for this which contains a couple jigs, but it only works for ARs. So I needed to measure the distance between the mounting holes, position the lock on the receiver to drill & tap the first hole, then move to the next location and finish the second hole. Then mark the location for a tapped hole on the magazine latch, remove it and drill & tap. The latch sticks above the FB receiver (don't remember if it did on the stock one), so it interfered with the
  15. The nut/set screw configuration of the FB handguard is working so far, hasn't loosened yet. If loosening does become an issue I'll drill out the set screw threads of the nut and drill & tap the rod. At each outing, less than ten rounds through and the regulator lock ring loosens every time. Part of the problem seems to be the low thread height percentage and pretty loose tolerance, so I solved that with an extra long 10-32 dogpoint set screw. First milled a couple small flats to accurately tighten the ring with a small wrench. Held the gun on my mill and drilled a full diameter hol
  16. Finally got around to shooting with it on. No problems, functions as it should; pull trigger, bang, hull goes into catcher, no FTEs.
  17. Are we going to be able to order one before the end of the year? California has a possible new assault weapons ban looming within the next couple weeks that could ban the sale here. Definitely want to get one before this potentially goes into effect.
  18. I never fired mine in stock condition, so I don't have a good reference. Federal Power Shok 1610 fps slugs kick pretty good and I'm sure the aluminum lower and hand guard dampen the recoil substantially.
  19. 10 lbs. as configured with the Firebird TAC-12 lower and standard length (long) Firebird hand guard, no magazine.
  20. If parts don't fit, see FS's rule#1. Keep in mind the QC isn't that great on Akdals, or Saigas for that matter. My T&N handle was a sloppy fit, the pocket for the detent ball is far too large. Had to fill and remachine it.
  21. I believe that will be the TAC-12 A1 model. On their Facebook page they mention it is a few months out for the A1. Where did you find that info, I couldnt see that anywhere? Click on one of the TAC-12 pics and it is an August 13th comment on pic#3
  22. Should slip through both walls easily and secure them with the circlips.
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