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  1. Sounds like its time to form 1 that bitch.
  2. What ever happened to papa zoro? Why is he over at vepr but not here?
  3. I think I'm gonna parkerize mine after my work is done.
  4. Where r u located. If your in my area I could press it off for you. I'm in Bay Area caliornia.
  5. I hear ya s12. Probably trolling but still. Kill em with kindness. That way they can't go back to their hoarded saying all the mean gun owners called me retarded. As you were .
  6. Limb saver recoil pad... Most d the aftermarket pucks seem designed to utilize more gas. Though I'm sure there is something you can do. I'd leave it alone personally and just get a butt pad. Don't wanna Ru. Into iffy situations with lower power ammo
  7. My 5 sgm 10 rders function and activate lrbho.
  8. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="S12KS-K" data-cid="896011" data-time="1367163540"><p> This is retard. No.</p></blockquote> What's retarded is calling people retards for asking questions. Didn't mama tell you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all?? To answer your question, no you cannot. The bolt, carrier, rails, trunion are all different. Just buy a new 308.
  9. Good news today everyone. I think it may have done the trick. I was able to run a variety of different shells today through my shotgun today including some low velocity skeet loads and they all worked flawlessly with the factory Molot 5 rd magazine. I had 1 stovepipe with the SGM Factory 10 rd Vepr12 magazine from the Winchester Super Target 1200fps. Other than that the gun ran great. Ejection is still not as strong as I would like but it seems to be doing a decent job clearing the shells with the exception of that one round out of the SGM factory Vepr 12 10rder. I may do some more minor
  10. Update/tutorial. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/87473-vepr-12-gas-block-removal-port-work-and-reinstallation/?p=891822
  11. Heres some background on the situation. I have a vepr 12 that refused to run reliably any 1200 fps loads. It was running the 1290 stuff barely and weakly ejecting and dove loads at 1300+ were the same issue with similar reliability issues. My first step was to polish the hammer face and underside of the bolt carrier. This was still inadequate for me to cycle the loads that I wanted. So I decided to take a closer look at my ports. Upon Closer inspection I was able to see that multiple ports were mildly or up to half way occluded. by the gas block. The port in blue has only maybe 5-1
  12. want planning on the d mod i was just going to bevel the edge that faces the ports to make sure they are unimpeded. Thanks alot guys maybe ill make a video or take some pics or something and post it. ill let yall know how it works out.
  13. yeah i figured as much. sooooo Which way do the pins press out or are they not directional? when I do press them out ill press the gasblock off and when i find out that the gas ports are blocked by the gas block i simply bevel the face of the opening that lies against the barrel and press back on? Thanks, Thomas
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