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  1. Ridiculous. 330 million people, 94 million out of the workforce and only about 1.5 million of those earn minimum wage. Most of the reasons this is a terrible idea have been covered and I would also like to add that this is a hot button for unions too due to the fact that a large portion of unions base their pay off of a percentage of minimum wage. So basically their pay goes up and me being in a union (pipe fitter) I have to hear this crap all the time. What they don't understand is that while a pay raise is great, it doesn't help you if you price yourself out of the market.
  2. Is your gun converted? If so all of the above will work but if not converted it will be harder to find. I think Ironwood sells stocks for unconverted. If they don't maybe try to find someone that has a Saiga M series and buy their stock off of them.
  3. It would indeed suck to lose them as a manufacturer. Not many U.S. Firearm companies are making "foreign" builds the we we like them. Like someone said though, making them right and running a business for profit are two different animals. Hope the best for them
  4. +1. My grandfather made a coin collector out of me and I loved it. Get those little blue "Whitman" coin books and collect years and mint marks.. You can go as cheap or as elaborate as you like. Also an easy way to transition to silver and gold bullion
  5. Just watched the video. Looks pretty good I think I'm gonna order one. Looks very comfortable too.
  6. Why would it need to be on a lighter duty rifle? It's plenty durable.Well I have not held one so I was curious about what others thought about its durability. The Bonesteel folders are very stout in my opinion so when I got my newest x54r Vepr the Bonesteel made sense. After hearing (and watching a couple videos) regarding the Zhukov stocks I feel less skeptical and I most likely will be purchasing one. Does anyone know anywhere that ISN'T out of the black colored Zhukov folder? Went to most of my usual places and looks like I may be painting a plum hehe.
  7. So the stock is super light then? I was contemplating putting one on my 20" Vepr x54R but I'm a little worried about it holding up. CNC Warrior is out of stock on their ar tube folders for the Veprs and I don't really want to use ace. I do like that Magpul folder though. Just maybe on a lighter duty rifle
  8. I'd say if he's gonna get one now is the time for sure. Prices across the board ain't too bad. If he's willing to put in just a little elbow grease a Vepr would be a great candidate. An already converted Saiga or an Arsenal SLR-107 is a great gun out of the box but it'll cost him. If he just wants a ready to go good shooter you can't go wrong with a Serbian m70 (Yugo) or a Wasr 10. The newer Wasrs seem like they are built a little nicer but shoot all the same. Any of these choices would make most happy for their first x39 AK. My first was a Yugo.
  9. I have one put away for the day my son turns 18. He's five now. Bought the parts to convert in hopes for a father son project, but he's free to do what he wants with it.
  10. Looks good tchick. What I ended up doing was getting an Svd cheek rest (not an original one) and removed the clasp and went back with poly straps. Looks good and slides left or right. I had already ordered that cheek rest discussed in this topic so when it arrived I used it on my m77 stock.. Not sure which I like more
  11. I'm not sure in inches, but in golden tiger, it's 3 boxes wide by six boxes long by six boxes deep! They have rubber seals too. They have a few funky edges on the inside to hold the 30 mm artillery rounds upright but those can be cutaway and even if you don't it doesn't make much difference on how much ammo It will hold. I gotta say the one in that pic is the cleanest one i've ever seen! Everyone of mine has some color of spray paint on it anywhere from white to neon green! They also make a good sittin stool for taking ammo inventory..
  12. That's all I use for ammo storage. A bit bulky, but tough as hell, opens from top or bottom and cheap when you can find them locally (shipping costs would eat up any sale I think). They will hold exactly 300 rds of 2 3/4" 00 buck loose if I remember right. The gun shows here have them 3 for 30.00 so that's worth it to me.
  13. A pleasant surprise I got my package today! Packaging was pretty good. Overall a good experience. I will order again most likely
  14. I don't know for sure but my impression was it was not close to Oklahoma hehe. Maybe a neighboring country like Belarus or something I don't know.
  15. I placed an order a week or so ago and sent an email asking for info. They were very fast to reply as a matter of fact I sent a couple emails after that and both were replied to within a couple days. Have not received my package yet but I do have a tracking number. Given where this is being shipped from, I expect shipping to take 3 to 4 weeks. Will update when I receive my parts . I do wish the website was a little easier to navigate through ! Good prices though
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