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  1. Does anyone have an idea on how I can keep the black color that still shows the pattern, while putting on some sort of a semi-gloss/gloss coating? So I've got this Vepr 12 stock from my early import model, and I'm wanting to seal it. I don't know if it's just black paint on the laminated stock, or if it's some kind of stain. it does turn an alcohol-soaked cleaning cloth dark purple when going over it. I'm moving it, and some LegionUSA V12 wood over to my Saiga 20, and I'd like the stock finish to be protected and match the rest a little better. A full conversion kit from Dinzag is current
  2. When I got my V12 a few years ago (wood stock model) I took it to the range with 4 different boxes of ammo, of different strengths. (link) Results: link I don't know if I got a lucky one, or if they all are that good. I started with 1 mag of the Premier Nitro's, then the AA's, then the Gun Club, and finally federal bulk. All worked flawless, no failures of any kind. I did take apart my V12 and clean it before the range, as it was quite oiled up for preservation. Didn't do any polishing or profiling until later.
  3. Measuring with calipers is a good choice. My receiver is marked for F(0,9), which should be a full choke, but measures to be cylinder bore. It is also of the unthreaded, non-BHO, non-rib sight versions... I believe it to be cut down from the original full choke length. I think some importers/distributers did this? Mine is stamped 2001. EAA Corp Cocoa, FL.
  4. Only recorded 3rds with the ZQI, 5 with everything else. It works, but I couldn't hit an 8" target at 200 yds with it. Granted, I am not using a bolt action, but when I can get pretty decent groups with the match ammo... Like you said, decent plinking ammo, at least for mine. Yes, I have much work to do with my skill level (or lack thereof), but if I get a handle on those fliers this Vepr is pretty dang good. It loves the Remington Premier Match and Hornady Custom Lite
  5. TigerFire13


    The start of a collection...
  6. Hmm... The question then becomes who in NW Iowa can do this? Not much for gunsmiths this way, sadly... I don't think I'm up for this level of DIY, nor do I wish to ship my rifle somewhere. But if that is the only reasonable option, I may just have to deal with it.
  7. I bought a Vepr 308 from Legion recently.Working on 922r, waiting for parts to come in, and funds to build back up. The reason for this post is to get your opinions on how to go about threading this barrel. This is how it came: This is what it looks like under the cap: With my pair of cheap micrometers, I get .525 for the depth, and .612 for the diameter. The end goal is to attach a 5/8-24 Linear Compensator. From what I have read, 5/8-24 minimum recommended major diameter is .616. Is threading my barrel in 5/8-24 asking for trouble? The sight post has no detent pin, and I would prefer
  8. Welcome from another newbie with a not-S12. There is a topic about bead sight thread size for 12ga, maybe it is the same (M4x.75)? Then again, you may have already found this. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/73141-front-bead-thread-size/ I believe the AK colored sights at CSS are for regular ak front sight posts, and are a different threading (M6x.75 via the AK Files). http://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=78608 same thing happened to my S20. Instead of replacing a $40 bead sight, I plugged it and grabbed a fiber optic that clamps over the gas tube. Very short sight radiu
  9. A friend of mine bought one not long after shooting mine this past Sunday. He ordered the fixed stock version from Centerfire, and like myself also received the extended mag release and 2 magazines. Both were imported by ROX NJ. His stock however, has a side cut for a sling swivel and has lightening cuts like the ak74 stocks do. My example has a bottom cut swivel mount and does not have the cuts. Regardless, CenterFire Systems seems to be a good choice. Already I have updated parts, but still need/want a different hand guard.,
  10. If this is a 20 gauge and it is the plastic 10rd mag from css, it most likely is the vg tactical mag. When holding more than 5-6 shells, the feed angle is too low and hangs up. Mine does the same thing. The CSSPECS magazine does not have this problem.If you only load 5 shells in your magazine, does it then work ok?
  11. Thanks! Carolina Shooters Supply currently has the 5rd factory mags on sale @ 24.95 if you need to add to the collection.
  12. Always wanted one and couldn't resist the current $799 price tag. Fixed stock VEPR 12, imported by ROX, NJ, Made 2013-07. 570mm / 22.4in Barrel. Came with 2 magazines, not just 1 as centerfire describes, and it has an extended mag release. Polymer sight rail is straight as well. After picking it up from the FFL Dealer, I brought it home and started removing the preservatives. It's almost as if they had a vat not of cosmoline, but of oil they just dunked it in. After cleaning, a range test was in order. As the attached pictures indicate, 4 different loads were used, Federal Bulk, Remington Gu
  13. Lwood, I polished carrier, rails, and bolt. Also profiled and polished the hammer. Opened my 3 gas ports to 0.093", and recently opened up the gas block a little to let it in. I was impatient however, and sent it off to get cerakoted before I retested it. Last time I checked, Federal bulk was 4/5 success from shoulder, 3/5 unsupported. To get it to run on 30 cents a shell would be nice, but I can live with the 40 cent Remington STS...
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