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  1. NH... I live in NH. To my knowledge there are zero restrictions on Saiga of any kind. NH is one of the most gun friendly states in the country. If you move here and work in MA, though, just make sure you are paranoid about keeping shells and such out of your car when you cross that border because MA is one of the worst states in the country when it comes to firearms. In MA you need a special card to own firearms and there are multiple types of them. I forget the details, but if you are moving there call GOAL (Gun Owners Action League) before you do. They will probably be able to give
  2. I'm not sure if there is any way to restore the integrity of the Supreme Court. As far as I'm concerned this last ruling, King vs. Burwell, has completely destroyed its legitimacy. In my own personal fantasy world, Congress would get filled up with people willing to abolish all of the lower federal courts, leaving only the Supreme Court to handle all federal cases. Then, an originalist president would just keep nominating originalist justices until we had over 1,000 originialist members of the Supreme Court. From there, the court could roll back most (not all) of the last 150 years.
  3. I'm fairly certain this all ends in tears. Really, it would just be great if we could parry the attacks until I am off this rock.
  4. Either cod or chicken with mixed vegetables. I want to see my abs before I hit 40 and I don't have many years left. That cheese steak is killing me.
  5. OK, S17 just arrived for real (Tax stamp received). I can't wait to shoot it.
  6. Individual Paper Form 4 SBS Check Cashed 10/7/2014 Stamp Received 3/30/2015 S17 is coming home.
  7. NFATracker's trend graph suggests a 6 month Form 4 paper turnaround time. ATF automated message says 6 months, too. My S17 is sooooooooo close to coming home.
  8. As soon as you write the words, before the ink is dry, work will start to change the meaning of the language so that it changes the law without a vote.
  9. I have one converted Saiga 12 and two sporters. My question is, if somehow my extractor breaks on the converted one or for some reason I need to replace the entire bolt from my other guns, can this be done? What, if anything, can a gunsmith do to fix a headspace issue resulting from a replacement bolt?
  10. When is the best time to plant a tree? Ten years ago. When is the second best? Right now.
  11. "large quantity of marijuana was also located." Ya think this may have something to do with it as well.???? OK so we eliminate the federal drug schedule as well as the NFA. It's a two-fer. Those are both unconstitutional as hell.
  12. Does anyone here reload shells? I've been waiting a long time for powder to show up... Anyone have any idea when it's going to be around again? Hogdon Universal would be nice. Edit - Please move this to the Reloading section.
  13. The secret to sinking it was "Shoot it with a missile." ? That is the last thing I would have tried.
  14. C'mon double A, they're not all double S..... Or are they........?????? The name changes but the face remains the same, and I'm calling it right now Is there a "this just went over my head" emoticon?
  15. I second this. I had a nice Arsenal AK74 (sold it after 7N6 was banned, but before the rifle was banned ) and I fired 7N6 exclusively. I took everything except the fire control group off the rifle and soaked it in hot soapy water, then sprayed out the firearm with a nice coating of ballistol solution. I think it supposedly lifts off the salts and deposits a nice protective film. I then wiped everything dry with paper towels and lubed / re-assembled it. It looked brand new for the 600 or so rounds I fired before I sold it. Edit -- Oh yeah I also sprayed the internals when I was don
  16. I have both. I started with Saiga and that is my favorite. However, for the current price difference of a couple hundred dollars I would go Vepr (unless you know you want a specific setup with the Saiga). Note: I'm assuming IZ109 in sporter config. One thing I love about the Saiga is the availability of drum mags and aftermarket parts.
  17. I take it you mean trained lawyers are handling the trust paperwork? My CLEO had no problem signing, so I wanted the firearm registered to me. That's probably true too, but that wasn't what I meant. I mean that anyone taking things seriously is most likely to choose a trust. That careful person is going to be more thorough and meticulous with the forms whether the trust is self made or copied from a forum or done by a lawyer. I've seen badly done trusts that lawyers were using for themselves though. IMO I would trust something specific to your state from silencertalk over someth
  18. I take it you mean trained lawyers are handling the trust paperwork? My CLEO had no problem signing, so I wanted the firearm registered to me. Could be 9 months, but the charts indicates 7 months or so.
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