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  1. gandog56

    Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

    Popping balloons tied to a fence 200 yards away...And HITTING them!
  2. Doesn't mean a darned thing! Way back when the first PC's and the Internet was just beginning to become what it was. I must have tried 100 user names to join Prodigy to get online. Absolutely evrty one came back user name taken. For some stupid reason I typed in my little brother's dog's name, and 56, the year I was born. It took it.
  3. gandog56

    RAAC response about shooting 5.56 in your 223 Saiga

    That's funny, since all my manuals say both use a .224" (5.70mm) bullet!
  4. gandog56

    been powder dry for a year.

    I normally use H4891 but can't seem to find any. My old standby rifle powder, H4895, I have an 8 gallon jug I wisely bought before Obozo got elected again.
  5. gandog56

    Reclaiming componenets

    But wearing a pair of safety glasses if you deprime a live one wouldn't hurt.
  6. gandog56

    Corrosive or Not?

    I clean 'em after every session too. I take very good care of my equipment. I just have no experience with corrosive ammo and I am given to understand that the cleaning regimen is different but I have yet to speak to anyone who actually uses the stuff. I take it from what I've read so far that I should presume corrosive with this can.Since you shoot corrosive ammo,what do you do differently if anything than when you clean after shooting non-corrosive? As for the search feature,yep it's helpful but I didn't find anything that answered my original question well enough to satisfy me. I'll try it again. Thanks for the replies! I always clean them the same day, too. But I usually clean them a little sooner if I shoot corrosive. I don't wait till I'm good and ready like I might if I shoot non corrosive.
  7. gandog56

    SKS or Saiga?

    I got both, and plan to keep it that way!
  8. Nope, counter bore meaning they fixed that bad crown without having to rebarrel.
  9. gandog56

    Saiga 5.45x39 & 7.62x54r :)

    How would you know, since Saiga hasn't made one yet?
  10. gandog56

    What Is The Best Cheapest Mod

    I can do to my Saiga to get rid of the dent it puts in every ejected empty case. I want to reload them, but won't with that big crease it's putting in them.
  11. gandog56

    How often do you clean your Saiga 223

    I don't count the rounds. It just gets a thorough cleaning after every time I shoot it.
  12. gandog56

    What do you feed your Saiga .223

    Prefer to roll my own.
  13. gandog56

    How often do you clean your Saiga 223

    Same here. I was looking for "none of the above" in the poll.
  14. Ah, but then I would have to buy the crappy product to make it happen. Ain't no way!
  15. gandog56

    Here's A Dumb Question

    I'm a fairly new Saiga .223 owner, and it seems that every 30 round magazine I see for a Saiga says it was modified. Did/does Saiga ever make a thirty round clip for this rifle. Or just the 10 round clip because it was designed to be a "sporter" rifle.