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  1. Any idea if these will cowitness with the Jpoint or Aimpoint Micro?
  2. uh... Somehow I think Magnolia State Armory and Mississippi Auto Arms are different companies.....
  3. All I have to say is, WTF!?!? I paid over $150 for a Magwell from MSA back in SEPTEMBER 2009! I was charged up front, never received the adapter.... and now MAA evidently has them in stock?! http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/galil-223-ar-mag-adapter-p-454.html Of course, when I go to check any kind of status on MSA, turns out the business forum here has been deleted (of which I understand). I'd like either a) A Goddamn magwell or B ) My money back. E-mails to MSA have remained unanswered. Of course, no phone number is listed on the webpage.
  4. I shot a 3-gun match last week using AGP mags that had been fully loaded since July (left them in the range bag). Not a single FTE or FTF.
  5. I've got a box full of old parts. You could just dump em' though with no worries.
  6. Krom, you are under the impression that the T-1 or H-1 is easy to break. These are *REALLY* tough little fuckers. The cheap airsoft stuff you are suggesting *WILL* break, simple as that. I mean, Im not going to say your an idiot who shouldn't be posting on an optics thread, but you are under a lot of false impressions bro. Flashbang, I am not sure if the Bushnell holosight will cowitness, but it is cheap. Another option is the Burris. If you are looking for something that will never break, go with the PK-AS and forgo the ultimak rail all-together. If you are intent on going low-low-low e
  7. Tried hard to be able to make it to this match but it's not gonna happen.
  8. USPSA style Multi-gun at Pickaway County Sportsmans down in Circleville Ohio (about 45 mins south of Columbus). November 1st Match fee is $20 Info: http://www.pcsirange.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=28:multigun&layout=blog&Itemid=29&layout=default If you have any questions just shoot the match director an email or a phone call.
  9. My saiga was overgassed bad. Kept having FTF's etc When my gunfixer plug came in, it solved all of my problems. I was ready to say, "fuck it" and sell. Now she's gonna stick around
  10. That may indeed be the case but it was labeled a 5 rounder.
  11. So I was at a gunshow today and saw the surefire 12 rounders for the first time in person today. HUGE. Waaaay too big! I know people have complaints about using the AGP's in the prone (and I agree) but this magazine is so big that it looks like the kneeling would be hard! Even worse were the surefire 5 rounders--they were easily as large as Russian 8 rounders! I will not be buying these anytime soon.
  12. Here is a picture of all 3. A cut down SureFire to 8rds, AGP 10 and Surefire 12rd. Greg Pretty short but if the AGP were cut down to 8 it would be shorter. When I installed a Tromix floorplate I cut just below the last rib, which would make it shorter than the Surefire magazine cut down to 8.
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