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  1. Originally started as a IZ-108 model Saiga-12 shotgun, 19" barrel with the adjustable rib sight. Was professionally converted with new FCG, K-Var Warsaw length stock and grip the completely stripped and parkerized. Only shot once to verify function. Maybe 25 rounds down the pipe. Kit will include the shotgun, 5 SGM (Surefire) 10-round magazines, 2 MD Arms MD-12 20 round drums with clear backplates (no longer available) and a "Gunfixer" adjustable improved gas plug. Will sell FTF in Las Vegas for $1650 firm. Must have NV DL. Will ship to your FFL for actual shipping cost. Will also consider
  2. SOLD - Bought this to give as a Christmas gift, only to find out my grandfather bought one 3 weeks ago! Anyway, it's like new, said to have 8 rounds down the pipe, but I can't tell that it's been fired at all. 8 round stock mag comes with it. $570 shipped/insured to your FFL. $550 FTF in Vegas. It's on GB, but I'll end the auction early if someone here wants it. keith@ws6.com
  3. I've been to Front Sight twice...4-day handgun (on one of those free certificates) and 2-day shotgun (nope, Mossy 590A1 - sorry). Both classes were well taught. Regardless of what you know or don't know going in, you learn something. Their legal seminars talking about problems 2 & 3 (criminal and civil liability after problem 1 - survival) are great to hear. Really makes you think where your mental triggers need to be regarding pulling that trigger. Never been to Gabe's classes, but have heard nothing than excellent reviews from my former bosses, both of which were handgun combat m
  4. Got mine at the gun show a while back. Level IIIa, 5 year warranty. If you get in an accident/hit/stabbed/shot, they will replace it free. First time sales are face to face only, after that you can buy over the phone/e-mail. Call and find out where they are going to be. http://www.bulletproofvestusa.com/
  5. It took that much removal to get them to lock in. I have not shot them yet though, so I will shoot them and see if there are any feed issues before considering sending them back. I appreciate the offer though. As I said too, I had fit these in two different S12's and this one fits a bit tighter than the other one. The other one is my dad's, so these won't have to go into it anyway. They are fairly tight in mine.
  6. Kimbo is a good brawler. I don't think he has done well in the MMA world, but he is training with Bas, so that's a plus and at least shows he's serious. He's got the physical abilities...but as they say, MMA is 80% mental - and that's what we don't know about yet. I think after XC went down, so many people wanted to see Kimbo still, Dana is going to cash in on the cash cow. He said several times over the last 2 years that Kimbo was a joke and he'd never get into the UFC...but I think so many people want to see him regardless (whether to see if he does make it, or to see MMA guys run thr
  7. Actually, I fitted both drums to two S12's and one is my dad's. I gave him his and my two drums fit better in mine than they did in his. Maybe this is splitting hairs here. Here are the pics I shot...let me know if you need more of one or another.
  8. I have used Ike Ziros here in town for a suppressor. He is also a LEO. He is listed on the GunBroker "find a dealer" page, by zip code: http://www.gunbroker.com/User/DealerNetwork.asp
  9. Got my drums in last Friday and had to work the "B" on both. The first one came out real nice - I had to file about 1/2 of the notch off though. I got a little over aggressive on the second one and it now has a little up/down slop in it...about 1/8". I haven't fired it yet, but I'm wondering if this is going to be a problem. If so, what can I use to fill it back up a bit? Suggestions?
  10. +1 http://www.highnoonholsters.com/ Another +1 for high noon. Another vote for high noon. Great and comfortable holster.
  11. Looks like it might be a variation of the TABUK or Type 84 flash hider that Gabe sells. http://www.onesourcetactical.com/index.asp...mp;Category=210 Same kinda slots anyway.
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