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  1. other than we all got older, not really....

  2. giving a shout out to the original and new members!!! HOWDY!!! stay safe

  3. When target shooting in the house every night and I dont have to listen to anyone bitch about it is AHHHhhhhh

  4. i think winter is over...it hit 90 at work the other afternoon....

  5. Actually needed a bayonet this week for my c308, someones dog was on the loose and attacked someone, and the only safe way to shoot it would have been point blank due to the proximity of neighbors. needless to say, I ordered one, and there is a need to have at least one rifle with one, apparantly.

    1. Ronin38


      Boar spear might work, too. And you wouldn't get charged with "brandishing" a gun. ;)

    2. Bvamp


      yeh right? never woulda thought....

  6. great...the last school had a pussy with a gun at it that didnt engage.hell they are right quickm to had out free money and food, but run away under fire? WTF NOT ME

  7. FINALLY a president thats what we think they are.... good greif

  8. was nice to meet an old school saiga-12.com forum member today....

  9. LS3 heads for sale, if anyone is interested. 2007

  10. Happy New Year .... I hope!!!

  11. i awsnt aware that we are "Crusaders"? until this morning. those asshole have a RUDE awakening coming. it is on like donkey kong

    1. chevyman097


      You tell em Ben Vampatella. You tell them who is boss.

  12. aw yeah, whers them pistols at.....awwww.....you motherfuckers. fuck you.

  13. I like it when somoen owes me a grand or better. makes this all the much easier. its time, settle up with me or im gonna light it up. you owe me THOUSANDS of fuckin dollars with your buddies.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Dad2142Dad


      I can make a booger talk

    3. chevyman097


      I think hes pist about something

    4. YOT


      Well, I know who doesn't owe him anything.


  14. planting actual Hatch chili seed, that i acquired in person. ITS ON

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Don't hurt yourself

    2. NM0


      Hatch is good chile. We do a variety of NM seeds. Enjoy.

  15. I have reentered local politics.

    1. gunfun


      Running for office? Which one?

    2. lbsrdi
    3. YOT


      Some folks just like being mutherfucked, I suppose. Good luck.

  16. Have re-entered the Firearms Industry. Stay tuned...

    1. Juggernaut


      Glad to hear! Wishing you the best in your new venture!

    2. Bvamp


      hey thanks Drew, I am going to do my best. This is the person i shoulda partnered up with the first fuckin time.

    3. MAAnew


      Good deal. The industry is a better person with you in it.


  17. kung fuckin POW.

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Never look at a cow the same way again

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