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  1. So what's the benefit of the buckets vs regular in the ground plants? Portability? Nutrient control? Also, i got a couple of new ferns, these seem to take water better than the first two, but now both of the initial ferns have god damned bird nests in them.
  2. So, i was at home depot with my buddy and his wife last weekend, and she showed me all the pre-sprouted vegetables you can buy, and in a nice way, said she would suggest those, since its obvious i don't know what the fuck i'm doing. What's your thoughts on the alreaded sprouted plants? I think i'll try tomatoes and squash first, those seem to be pretty popular down here. What all do i need? Some wire stand things for the maters, do the squash just grow on the ground? I'm going to do some oregano, basil, and parsley on the porch, and some catnip in a separate container so my cat can lay in it. Anyone growing onions?
  3. Not like, roses and tulips (unless you're just into that type of thing), but small scale vegetable garden. And i have a couple of boston ferns hanging on the front porch. One of them is doing great, the other had a couple of small, brown and red birds build a nest in it, so i wasn't able to bring it in when it dropped down to 29. But are these ferns supposed to hold water? I noticed the root system is on top, and they won't take much water. Also, i want to plant some tomatoes, onions, and maybe some corn. Any suggestions on planting time or tips on cultivation in the southeast? I know i could find the answers online, but i'd rather discuss it with y'all.
  4. Don't know if this has been asked, but are those seals protected species? Because if they are, some environmentalists should raise hell about him being responsible for the death of their endangered whatever.
  5. Amazing. Good links, man. Did these come off an email, or did you gather them up?
  6. She has aides. Anyway, those aides are scumbags in training, as far as i'm concerned. They come out of college, work with the politicians, then jockey for jobs with lobbying groups when they're done working with the politicians. After that, they go back to those same political connections, waving money around.
  7. Man, i really hope they all move to the south eventually. Birmingham is an old steel town, i'm sure we could get back into the business if they'd give us a chance. Hell, Olin (winchester ammo manufacturer) has moved a lot of their operation to MS from IL to get away from the union bullshit. They all need to come on down, that's the type of yankees we can deal with.
  8. Fucking President Max Headroom showing up the real commander in chief. Yeah, i'd cast a virtual vote for this guy in a quick minute.
  9. I might be interested in the recoil pad, if you separate.
  10. I would own one, if mags were available. Also, if you don't like the name, we can just dub it the Charlie Foxtrot 12.
  11. Sorry, FL is one of the last places i expect to see anything of this sort taking place. And if it were to happen, i'm sure Alabama would be happy to annex the panhandle. Norflabama or something.
  12. So probably about a month ago i sold a guy an AK pistol which i had listed on armslist. I was browsing around and i saw it for sale. He's got it listed for literally 2x what he paid. Should i call him out publicly? I even gave him a free mag (additional to the mag on the gun, even though mags were going for $40 a pop at the time.) Fuck, i was surprised someone paid what i was asking.
  13. Dude, i traded a mak90 for a keltec su16c when i first got out of college, worst trade ever. I wasn't to pleased with the rifle, it had a bad habit of getting spent shells stuck in the breach. Worse than an fte, in my opinion. Plus, keltec long guns are just flimsy, in general, even if they work alright they still feel cheap.
  14. 40 foot ceilings would be getting hoists, lifts, and maybe a zipline.
  15. You can see them here, but you can buy them anywhere, I can get 12 of them in my Remington 1300. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/255579/aguila-minishell-ammunition-12-gauge-1-3-4-5-8-oz-7-1-2-shot-box-of-20 Interesting, i'll check those out. Is #7 1/2 pellet bigger or smaller than #9, like in regular buckshot?
  16. PCF- true enough. I've got a couple of saiga 12's, but i like to keep them in the safe. If this is next to the bed and someone gets in while i'm not here, whatever. AA re- elaborate please? Is there a higher than normal capacity option? Big John, you don't want that mag. Lame dick ramline, looks like it has a 2 part follower, it won't chamber rounds worth shit. Dude, i bought this house in november, completely based on the garage. This is the first time i've had money to spend on a gun. Fuck, really i didn't have tye money to spend, but you have to prioritize. Central heat vs new shotgun ? Fuck it, i live in alabama, it'll be 70 something degrees in a few days.
  17. I played with one of these IAC Hawk 870 clones at a gun show not lng ago, but then couldn't find any when i went to buy one last month or two. Found a local shop with a stack of'em, the price was up 15% from last time, but you still can't beat it for $240 OTD. Seems solid enough, i dig the rear sight.
  18. macbeau, i'm glad you started posting again. But really, was infallibility and the power to sway millions of people's opinion just a job perk? Does he get a retirement package?
  19. That's really nice. I like how it kinda keeps the same profile as a standard ak handguard.
  20. Really, it doesn't bother me. The way i see it, with a tiny ass pistol with a big ass round there's no way around it. I guess there just wasn't a whole lot of extra room for a larger ejection port.
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