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  1. Not to put down German Shepherds 'cause they're great, but here's some other BIG, CAPABLE working dogs. Any of these breeds will produce Schutzhund-capable dogs with real stopping power. Rottweiler Belgian Malinois Giant Schnauzer Argentine Dogo Fila Brasileiro Irish Wolfhound Kuvasz Dobermann Pinscher Ovcharka
  2. What about a .410 front sight block (available through the Saiga-12.com store) and add a tritium post?
  3. Good to know. Thanks Makc!
  4. I haven't seen the gen 1 mags for sale in ages. Weren't they recalled? You could probably contact AGP and find out if you can exchange them for gen 2's.
  5. Good idea, and a big +1 for Shepherds. They're great dogs. I've actually started this fella on some Schutzhund training. He's just a mutt (probably Lab/Pit), but has a super attitude and a great nose.
  6. +1 on motion sensor lights. As for dogs for protection, they're only as useful as their training. Do you have the time and motivation to train one to be a good working dog? Also, think about what type of dog you want: 1 - Alarm: any dog, any size as long as it's alert and loud when it counts. 2 - Deterrence: everything an alarm dog does, plus enough energy and size to make an intruder think twice. 3 - Stop: a dog with all the training for alarm and deterrence, plus the ability to stop an intruder cold. This is uncommon outside of military and LE working dogs. Also, do you wa
  7. +1 The 'magnet test' is mostly to satisfy insurance underwriters and lawyers. Outdoor ranges in wildfire areas sometimes ban steel because it can strike sparks.
  8. The grain on that looks awsome, what is the origin? Ironwood Designs maple, with Laurel Mountain Forge 'honey maple' stain and Permalyn finish, and Polytech metal hardware. My Type-56 almost-replica. Needs to lose the flash hider and have a full hood over the front sight, but otherwise pretty close
  9. There is no such thing as a Romanian Dragunov. Those PSL rifles have Kalashnikov actions, same as a Saiga. The only real Dragunovs were imported years ago: Russian Tigrs, a very few SVD's, and Norinco NDM-86's.
  10. Having tried both, I prefer the XD. H&K's are quality pistols but I don't care for their ergonomics (plus H&K is legendary for their piss-poor customer service). OP, do you really WANT either pistol? If you don't, then don't trade. Keep your shotgun and trade it for something that suits you. Buckandaquarterquarterstaff is right. You can get a reliable .45 for cheaper than what your shotgun is worth.
  11. The best tool for buttstrokes is probably a non-folding, non-telescoping wooden stock with a steel buttplate.
  12. +1 Best idea I've heard yet. I may try that one sometime. Not really. When something goes bump in the night, 1. Make sure you've got your "special" magazine inserted. 2. Pull the pin. 3. Rack the bolt. 4. Selector from safe to fire. 5. Rock and roll. Or you could leave your bolt locked open with a notched selector (or factory BHO, but that adds an extra step for the safety). Leave any magazine you want in the gun. 1. Selector from safe to fire, releasing bolt. 2. Rock and roll. How many magazines do you own? Do you really want to drill holes in all of them, or are you
  13. WHAT? Sounds like a candidate for thereifixedit.com, or more likely failblog.org.
  14. Wolf won't hurt anything but the egos of gun snobs. It's not match quality, and it it's dirty, but you have to clean anyway. Just don't use it for accuracy. High round count run-n-gun type matches, Wolf is fine.
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