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  1. May I ask Is the Molot has no adjustable gas plug and how it work? Thanks
  2. Redneck , The Welder that did mine he did a beuatiful tig job. The only thing was he didn't pay attention to the rail I guess. Yep it was an expensive lesson.
  3. Nate ( Gunfixr) can also do the job for you.
  4. No it will not. The AK covers are too small.
  5. Be careful , be very careful when you have some one do the welding for you. I had a local welding shop welded a rail on my S12 cover for me and I end up have to buy a new cover. Granted he did a nice job but the rail was crooked. I couldn't get mad at the guy he is a welder not the gunsmith that could also do the welding. just my two cents.
  6. give these folk a call I got my dust cover from them. http://www.saigastock.com/
  7. No problem glad you found it. I had to buy one for $19.00( I think).
  8. Sunny Bean I got my dust cover from here great people. My link
  9. USP40

    who can

    Nate Gunfixr can do it .
  10. USP40

    Saiga12 parts

    The best part is they are in the State.
  11. USP40

    Saiga12 parts

    Guys , Just in case some of us didn't know ( I just found out by contacting RAA) this store have Saiga parts for sale . It is not list on the web site but I asked about bolt and bolt carrier and the lady that I spoke with on the phone said they can get them. just want to share the info with you guys. Saiga parts
  12. Guys , What is the different between Gen 1 and 2 ? any pixs please. Also where did you get them from? Thanks
  13. I've been patiently waiting on Cobra LRBHO and don't mind waiting . I'll buy them when it's here .
  14. got mine yesterday. Thanks Mike.
  15. USP40

    Saiga in SC

    seem to be a few of us in SC . I am in the upstate y'all.
  16. I ordered a few time from them . Called and to talk to CSR and she was ruded won't shut up long enough to listen.
  17. If I order any more drums you guys will know how strong MD drums are when my wife use it to hit me over the head with it. he he he
  18. Killasoundz , WM drums can do better than that It can be used as a parking stop.
  19. Cobra , You need to give us a weekly update .
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