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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, wanted to see if here is anyone online/expert about this technical stuff. So compatibility regarding ak47 parts for saiga12. In example ALG triggers or any other ak47 triggers for that matter, do you usually have to dremel it or something or are those pretty much a drop-in parts? Other is the dust cover, mine in saiga is 237mm long and I bought a FAB Defense pdc dustcover which is 246mm. Also bought a Vltor cmrd ak handguard and a magpul zhukov-s stock. I did apply licenses for 7.62x39 also, so if the parts wont fit at all they will be used later.
  2. Up for sale is SAIGA 12 QUAD RAIL BLACK ACES TACTICAL in like a new condition. Never was outside of the house. Anodized Aluminum Manufacturer: BLACK ACES TACTICAL Model: SAIGA 12 Material: ANODIZED ALUMINUM SKU: BATSAG12R Details SAIGA 12 QUAD RAIL BLACK ACES TACTICAL Made of one piece T6 6061 Aluminum with Type 2 Black Anodizing. Weight: 16 oz. 100% made by American workers with American materials. Fits both tapped and untapped receivers. Hardware included. Shroud and bolt can be removed with rail installed. No gunsmitthing required! This rail will fit both tapped and untapped
  3. [both mags SOLD] For sale: Two OEM IzhMash 8 round magazines for non-magwell models of the Saiga-12. New condition, never used and looking great. These are the only mil spec, "high capacity" Saiga-12 mags. Very heavy duty and reliable. If you own a Saiga-12, you owe it to yourself to have at least one of these, especially if you ever use your S12 for home defense duty. No longer importable due to the sanctions. Important Note: I cannot and will not ship these magazines to California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or
  4. Original Buttstock. Fits all Saiga models except for Saiga 100. - Used but in excellent condition. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-factory-buttstock-izhmash-p-145.html
  5. Hello, I'm looking to buy some parts for my Saiga 12 030 build. I'm located in Ohio and willing to pay for desirable parts. I'm specifically looking to buy Izhmash factory 8rd magazines for the magwell equipped Saiga 12, Izhmash railed gas block, 10 slot flash hider (long variant). Please contact me if you have any of these items for sale or if you know where I could find them. thanks.
  6. I did a quick search... didn't see this posted previously... from January 2012. I couldn't say I necessarily would have declared them. I like to think I am an honest guy though. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/13/us-russia-kalashnikov-idUSTRE80C1ON20120113
  7. Common Russian Muzzle Attachments for Saiga-12/Vepr-12 Review Copied from here for Saiga-12 users Short review of different muzzle attachments, that are used with Vepr-12/Saiga-12 and some other shotguns by Russian shooters. The muzzle attachments in the review: Flash hiders (FH), Muzzle Brakes (MB), Compensators (C), Muzzle Brake-compensators (MBC), chokes & paradox (Chokes). Efimov design MBC The most common MBC in Russia are models based on the same idea, now well known as "Polygon Muzzle Brake-compensator", that was suggested by Russian IPSC shooter Efimov Eugeny
  8. I just posted an update of Izhmash recovery and few pictures from the factory (link below) on another forum, but wanted to share this factory picture of flat-top AK (AK-12).. Who is up for a challenge (dog-legs and "duct-taped" Picatinny don't count!)? http://forum.saiga-1...cy/#entry758954 Original story (in Russian), named "Kalashnikov remains in the Army": http://www.mk.ru/pol...ya-v-armii.html "PR" picture of AK-12: Source: http://world.guns.ru...ov-ak-12-e.html
  9. Odd/Rare akm parts all parts are priced shipped ribbed butt plate 10.00 SPF tantal front sight 15.00 centerfire pistol kit rear trunion 25.00 East German hand guard retainer 30.00 SPF sling loop 10.00 SPF magwell from Izhmash 18.5 KS-K 12 shotgun 30.00 SPF Buy all of it for 105.00 shipped Con US only US postal Money order or Paypal(as a gift)only
  10. New old stock Izhmash smooth butt triangle stock with Trunnion/parts, front latch/parts, hinge pin. these havent come in the US since Ohio Rapid fire 74 kits. $230 shipped USPS mo. I have 3
  11. I am looking for a copy of the original Izhmash Saiga-12 Flash HIder. My intent was to go with MD Arms as he markets his as being an original copy but I haven't found any available (*not entirely true). I have also come across similar styles made by Dinzag and another by Bonesteel although neither markets them as being original. My question is who other than MD Arms makes a Izhmash Birdcage clone for the S-12 that's pretty much down to spec? My intent is not to debate the effectiveness. I understand it's purely cosmetic. * I have found a dealer who has (4) MD Arms Flash Hiders.
  12. Hey all, I just purchased an Izhmash Saiga 12 along with a Chaos Titan Quad Rail. To install the rail, I had to remove the rear sight. In doing so I was an idiot and got a little rough with the gas tube and broke the two ears that hold the tube in position in the receiver. The metal looks like it is cast iron, so I can't find anyone who can weld on it. Long story short, I need a new gas tube (Part 4 on the attached image) and have spent the last three hours searching Google for somewhere I can purchase one with no luck. Anyone know of where I can go? Thanks!
  13. STATUS = AVAILABLE My dog broke her leg (Avulsion of Tibial Tuberosity) and she needs immediate surgery (within next 2-3 weeks), which I don't have money for. I'm am forced to sell or trade my new converted saiga 12. I will sell the gun for $800 and this will include the converted saiga shotgun, oil container, tool kit, cleaning rod, 10 round magazine (made by AGP arms) and a lock (required by law I believe). I can throw in the optics mount (in pics) for an additional $25. I can throw in a soft gun case for an additional $25. OR If you live in Texas (preferably close to the
  14. KC913

    New Ink

    From the album: Tattoos

    New ink. Got it done tonight.
  15. KC913

    New Ink

    From the album: Tattoos

    New ink. Got it done tonight. Goes down the side of my leg.
  16. May have been posted before, but still pretty neat! http://englishrussia.com/2012/04/22/how-kalashnikov-guns-are-made/
  17. Just red on a Russian news site that Izhmash will increase S-12 sales to the USA by 50% of what they initially planned for this year. Thanks to increasing demand.
  18. Looking for a new/unused Izhmash Saiga 12 factory 8 round magazine. Willing to pay a premium price for immediate purchase.
  19. From the album: Saiga 7.62 and Saiga 12

    Almost done with the new Pelican 1720 case. Decided to just use it for the SBS and mags/accessories. Not completely done, but It's coming along. Still need to clean the chalk marks off of it. and cut a couple more slots in it for other muzzle attachments.
  20. Which online sources currently have Ishmash 8 round magazines (rock & lock version) IN STOCK?
  21. From the album: Underbarrel Launcher Project

    Two of my rifles side-by-side. Romanian 7.62x39 and a Russian 5.45x39...

    © copyright my foot up your ass.

  22. ** Cross-Posted ** SOLD I have decided to sell one more S12 factory 8 rounder so that I can put the funds into another project. $175.00 shipped. Paypal only. Saiga rifle bolt carrier for sale HERE.
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