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Found 22 results

  1. From the album: DS misc

    WASR with Zhukov furniture, Ultimak rail, Primary Arms Advanced Microdot, AKT trigger.
  2. 8 Tapco 30rd AK47 magazines. They have never been used, never even been assembled. They have been stored in a cool, dry place, so they're in perfect condition. I bought them several years ago as repair kits in CA, and I don't want to have them around anymore. I'm selling all 8 at once, no exceptions. PRICE: $6 each, plus $12 shipping = $60 total I accept PayPal. Thanks in advance for taking these off my hands!
  3. Mississippi Auto Arms is proud to announce our new line of Suchka AK rifles in 7.62x39mm. Each rifle is professionally built on high quality Nodak Spud NDS-1 receivers to our exacting standards to meet the needs of both law enforcement tactical teams and select civilians. Our Suchkas feature 11.5" Romanian barrels and TimberSmith™ AK-47 Wooden Stock Set in Brown Laminate. Accessories: 1 x 30 round magazine Price is $995 plus NFA Tax http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/mississippi-auto-arms-ak-sbr-in-762x39-brown-laminate-p-3258.html For your mobile phone: http://www.mississippiautoa
  4. A couple short questions, here goes. Will the import ban ever end resulting in return to old prices? I see there still available both 7.62 for $599 and 20g for around $700 are these left overs or is there a way they are still coming in? If they are leftovers will there ever be a loophole found where they can be imported through an intermediary? Where have you all found is to be the cheapest vendor where Saigas can be had? Also Im seeing a 7.62 with a heavier receiver and removable stock looks a little different then the one I bought in 2011 what the deal with this model?
  5. From the album: YWHIC Album

    © © YWHIC 2014

  6. From the album: YWHIC Album

    Proper go bag.. 45 ACP Glock, AK47 pistol (SBR'd), 4 extra AK mags, 3 AR mags, 2 extra G21 mags..

    © © YWHIC 2014

  7. debo3883


    From the album: Stuff

    A couple of the "evil" black guns. And a pea shooter at the bottom;)
  8. I have for sale my Rifle dynamics ak to ar15 stock adapter with all screws included..I originally paid $65 plus shipping but i am asking $50 shipped to your location to the US mainland..I took it off from my vepr12 ..It is in great condition ..it is built solid as a rock and it will fit most AK platforms.BELOW IS A LIST OF ALL THE RIFLES IT WILL NOT WORK IN.. Milled receiver Chinese guns (Norinco MAK 90, NHM-91, Polytech, B West) Etc. PSL Zephyr Yugo Any side/under folder stocked rifle, any receiver with stock tang removed Here are a few pics below Here is an instructional vid
  9. Whats up guys..I am selling my Bulgarian SSR 85C-2 AK47 ..It is a great rifle and i dont have alot of rounds through it..I am asking $850 obo shipped to your local FFL..These are hard to come by and are actually built on a thicker stamped 1.6mm receiver and it has a chrome lined barrel.everything in the pictures below will be included.I have made a few upgrades since ive owned it and will be including it in my asking price..If interested let me know..
  10. Hello, everyone As my first AK type rifle and first gun purchase I bought a GP WASR-10/63 made in 1971 The rifle works flawlessly I have ran over 3,000 rounds through it with no FTE or FTFs at all, that being said what dose your WASRs look like ? and how have you configured them? I will post pics of mine soon Thanks for reading!
  11. I have for sale a brand new never been mounted or used Ergo 7 position stock..These Retail for $150.00 plus shipping..It comes with a rubber butt pad and castle nut with quick detachable sling mount and buffer tube and full instruction manual..The design was originally made by magpul and later sold the design to ERGO..This stock is well made and is probably one of the most durable on the market..Please see pics below Asking $105 Shipped to your location ***SOLD SOLD SOLD***
  12. Good Day all. Just thought I would share this with you. I ordered several 7.62x39 Hungarian steel 20 rnd mags. These were in stock and shipped today. I also asked how many they had in stock and was told, "more than you will need for tonight". Don't cha love a smartass. Also said they had some 30 rnds in stock. Also purchased a few SGM 10 rnd S12s. During the 20 minutes I was on the phone they sold out completely of S12 mags. Passing this along if you r interested. Centerfire Systems.com.
  13. I am looking for a Magpul MOE or CTR stock, any color, prefer mil spec tube but will consider commercial. I have several kinds of mags to trade: US and Imported Steel, US Poly (Thermold and Tapco). Message me and lets make a deal! If you have a cash price message me also!! Thanks!
  14. Looking to trade for a mil (preferred) or commercial spec MOE or CTR stock. Any color, pretty much any condition. I have some poly 30 round Master Molder US Mags with 7.62x39 Golden Tiger FMJBT I might part with.... PM Me, lets make a deal!
  15. Need some help Identifying a magazine I stumbled across today. The gentleman in the old time gun shop had (4) AK47 magazines, he ALLOWED me to purchase only (1) magazine, for $25. I chose this waffle pattern, clear/smoke 30 rounder plastic with no identification on it, anywhere. Is it Bulgarian? No circle 10 marks.... Is it Tapco? or Promag? I thought they all were marked as such..... Any help would be appreciated!!
  16. Followed a UPS truck to a BIG BOX Sports store and snagged a 1964 arsenal marked WASR for $450.... Karma and persistence pays off!
  17. So since I keep hearing about all this AWB I told my wife I should get some extra mags and while I'm at it ,I should get some more 7.62x39's since I planked a few hundred this past weekend... Well to my surprise pretty much all over the internet and local stores every thing is gone!!!! Wow.. So after looking for hours in now a panic state i finally found some in bulk , but prices are inflated kinda crazy now $92 dollars for 3 40rd mags and $342 w/shipping for 1000rds so look like I will not shoot that bad boy any time soon!
  18. Ive seen these underfolder adapter blocks before and i want one. any of you guys have one? ill pay for it or trade something of equal value for it.
  19. Withdrawn.....For sale complete mismatched Romanian barrel-less under folder parts kit. Just missing a barrel and receiver . $260.00 shipped (Con US only) paypal or US Postal Money order only Cross posted
  20. From the album: my first conversions

    7.62 mods: g2 fcg, laminate wood stock, laminate wood handguards, Bulgarian lower handguard retainer, Bulgarian upper gas tube, black polymer pistol grip and solar tactical mag lock/bullet button, used cotter pins to hold axis pins and black nylon hole plugs from lowes. 5.45 mods: g2 fcg, tapco fixed stock in flat dark earth, black utg style quadrail handguards, flat dark earth rubber rail covers, flat dark earth magpul angled foregrip gen 1, hogue desert tan pistol grip, solar tactical bullet button, black nylon pole plugs and cotter pins from lowes for axis pin And old holes, and upper
  21. From the album: my first conversions

    5.45 on the left and 7.62 on the right. I vented the stock handguards myself
  22. From the album: my first conversions

    7.62 in wood on the left and 5.45 in dark earth poly on the right
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