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Found 11 results

  1. Fellow members and visitors… Do to some extreme health issues, I’m getting out of my SAIGA .308 hobby. This is a package deal for the whole thing… I don’t really want to attempt to part-out the various items… REDUCED WTS - $1,000.00 + shipping This weapon is the 4th .308 Saiga conversion I’ve done. It was completed about Five (5) years ago. I ran ~20 rounds through the weapon to verify function and safety, and then put it away… my go-to-weapon in case of zombie uprising… The basic weapon is a Saiga .308, 16”. It has a T-6 stock installed. I had Cobra install his “T6-buffe
  2. WTS Saiga 410 Russian, pre-ban legal import to USA, semi-auto shotgun conversion 922 compliant with mags, instructions, cleaning rod and snake,plus optional Dinzag replacement front sight (if you want) not yet perm installed) done with new fire control group,quick change mag device, racks and looks like an AK also front muzzle device on threaded barrel, arsenal stock and handguards, , sling attachments, and sling, Russian decal on stock(can be removed) no mechanical issues, no jams, range tested. Safe queen. Unique and very cool look. Note: the pictures show this without a pistol grip, how
  3. Hi there Saiga guys/gals, Its finally come time to say good bye to my beloved S12. It has been converted by TAC47 and since then has had a few more modifications. Here's how she sits now: - Tapco G2 Single Hook Trigger group - DPH skeleton stock w/ ACE recoil pad - No name sling with quick release swivel - ATI Scorpion pistol grip - KVAR Handguard - Cobra's Custom Vented Steel upper handguard - R&R billet Carrier - Total Barrel lenght shorthened to 18.5" including length of an Original Molot GK-01 brake - Cut, Pinned, Welded in place by Tac47. - Left hand charging handle conversion done
  4. Hi all, been a long time...unfortunately circumstances are such that I need to let this one go: Converted Saiga .223 16" (purchased new by me in 2008, converted in 2009, hasn't been fired since 2010) DPH Arms Over-Sight Phantom Flash Hider Tapco G2 Trigger Tapco Galil Foregrip Tapco Adjustable M4 stock and SAW grip Mojo Micro Click rear ghost ring sight (best iron sight option for the AK IMO) CQB Sling with Uncle Mike's swivels Surefire 30-round magazines (qty 3) The gun probably has about 500 rounds through it, maybe 200-300 since the conversion, sweet shooter, probably the mos
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV-jezaHzYs Just finished testing out my Saiga 12 for the first time. Did some simple tests. Basically just seeing if the shotgun is reliable and that the parts worked that I added. Hope you get something out of this video . Note: This shotgun was bought in late 2012 and has three (3) unobstructed gas ports.
  6. I have not been on this forum in a long time, I have a Saiga 12 that Estaban converted for me a couple of years ago. It is unfired and and I am ready to sell it. Where do I advertise it? Thanks
  7. STATUS = AVAILABLE My dog broke her leg (Avulsion of Tibial Tuberosity) and she needs immediate surgery (within next 2-3 weeks), which I don't have money for. I'm am forced to sell or trade my new converted saiga 12. I will sell the gun for $800 and this will include the converted saiga shotgun, oil container, tool kit, cleaning rod, 10 round magazine (made by AGP arms) and a lock (required by law I believe). I can throw in the optics mount (in pics) for an additional $25. I can throw in a soft gun case for an additional $25. OR If you live in Texas (preferably close to the
  8. Saiga 7.62x39 Converted Tapco G2 Firing Group Tapco T6 Collapsable stock Guntec Draco quad rail UTG Forwar grip Polished Bolt Temporary B.J. blue buffer Wolff extra power main spring on the way.. I'm new whats up..wutcha think?
  9. Can someone link me to or school me on how I can more easily get the BHO back in place after a conversion. Do you guys all modify it to be reinstalled? I've heard that some go right back in post conversion without modifications, others need to be re-profiled. Whats been your experience? Am I missing a simple fix or step? Any input pictures or links would be appreciated.
  10. Hello everyone, Im looking to get an AK47 and from what Im finding Saiga is the way to go. There are no good shops local to me and several of my friends have good things to say about Atlantic Firearms. I dont have time to do a conversion and I was lookign for somthing already converted. I found this model and like the look of it. It appears that the bolt and carrier is either polished or plated with somthing and the red stocks and black finish look cherry. I posted in some other forums but I figure that the Saiga home would be the best place to ask. Any input would be good.
  11. so here it is, i just finished about a month ago and i converted it before i shot it once but well worth the wait. the family took me about 2 hours including waiting for paint to dry, im very happy with it and its my new favorite gun. only problem iv'e had is the JTE spring falling off the trigger legs, altho i thought its not suppose to do that but i gave it a couple bends and no problems since then. all thats left to do it ship out to Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication to have bottom polished, media blast & treated to look gray -IZ109 -4
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