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There is no transfer tax FFL to FFL (so that seller must be a private citizen). The one here is NIB, has a drum and 6 mag(I found it trying to get the mags away from him), and a couple of case of ammo. I dont know what the going rate for them is, but this guy is also a PP and must think it is worth alot more than it is.

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Well Im selling other toys to get it

1. sa-93 1drum 20mags(lotsa ammo if you wanna pay shipping)99% overall,1000.00 obo

2.saiga 12 maybe 2 boxes of shell's shot 350.00 obo

3.carbon 15 ar-15 pistol 2 30rd mags & scopemount incl. 800.00

4.cobray m-11 32rd mag &tactical foregrip extra complete upper included

400.oo obo

lotsa other stuff too ask me :devil:

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You asked about the difference between a USAS12 and a SPAS 15. Here is what I know:

SPAS 15:


    • there were a few SPAS 15s with folding stocks
    • a SPAS 15 can be used in pump or auto, so lighter ammo can be used
    • SPAS 15s are not destructive devices; no registration


  • SPAS 15s cost a lot more ($4000-$5000)
  • SPAS 15s have only 6 round mags. I've never seen any that hold more.

USAS 12:


  • USAS 12s are cheaper (usually $2000-$4000)
  • 10 round mags are available (and apparently cheap)
  • drums are available


  • USAS 12s are HEAVY
  • USAS 12s are destructive devices; registration with the feds is required
  • the USAS 12 is auto only, no pump

Have you considered the Striker 12? It is a DD but it's a lot lighter, cheaper, and it has a 12 round drum. Have you ever shopped at Gunsamerica? Try these links:




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I have one and it can dump 12rds in less than 4 seconds with some practice on the trigger. With double ought buck, THAT' A STREET SWEEPER! And I have shot most loads available thru it without a jam. How is that junk?


Can I ask 2 questions? Not that they matter but just out of curiousity....


How old are you (not that it matters in the least, everyone was young once, and now most are old :P )?


And why is it so important to you that you have a weapon like this(not that need is a requirement, but again just curious. You seem to have a SERIOUS need for some serious firepower and I was just wondering why. No weapon is perfect, but maybe you are looking at the wrong weapon for your needs)?

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I think he wants something to "blow the piss outta something" with :) He should get some of those ten pound exploding targets. Hey, we should all email that gatling gun company and have them make a rig for the saiga 12. Now THAT would be something. I guess having my own range helps with MY need for my sport, dont have to worry much about range masters, as I am the one responsible for whoever is shooting up there. I can totally understand the "blowing the piss outta something" mentality, just as much as I can understand the utility need for weapons like this. I'll tell you though...how many idiots do you think are out there with a semiauto that have illegally converted them to fully automatic weapons? From my "sessions" I can honestly say that almost any semiautomatic weapon has plenty of firepower, and 8 rounds is MORE than enough in 12 gauge. The utility use of a lot of firearms available out there, regardless of what ones they might be is fairly limited in my opinion. And about the striker? I have shot one before they were ruled DD's without a stock, and seeing how I own not a single firearm that only has a pistol grip and no stock....what do you think my opinion of it was? That buttstock remember is also a club in close quarters. How do you hit someone with a pistol grip? Is that even possible? Basically, I can see why some laws ARE in place, and even though I may not like them much, I do see the logic. I cant see myself actually needing something like that for fun or hunting or home defense myself. But they are cool to look at for a grand :/ What I would like to see is a special law making .22LR full autos legal for ordinary citizens in areas where it is legal to discharge a centerfire rifle. THOSE are fun as hell to shoot. And cheap. And you can "blow the piss outta something" real good with them. AND AND AND LOL wheres my senator dammit. Oh wait its Hillary. Nevermind.


By the way, where did people get the idea an ak-47 was good for home defense? where do these people live? in concrete houses on 2,000 acres?

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I wanted USAS 12 since I put my G.I.JOE's away(I suffer from to much rambo as a kid) :rolleyes: I would like to try the 3 gun thing that would be fun, I just wanted the best shotgun out there!!!!I have a Nice custom P14 and am just starting to build a target AR-15(Dpms stainless lower so far). I want the best and will settle for no less(within reason of course)

IM 24 not quite a youngin :haha:

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the striker is positive feed....its a revolver shotgun, more or less... you tell us what it does :) you know you can cock your shotty when you pull the trigger and theres nothin there, right? that is part of why it IS dangerous. no such thing as a jam or misfire. Mix up spent hulls and loaded shells and you tell us what happens when you empty it...that is part of why they labeled it a DD, afterall. jack, I seriously can fire a good pump ALMOST as fast as a semi auto and just as accurately...my fav. gun is a shotty with a stock and pump action. its all in how you play i guess. just cause its cool dont cut it for me. the saiga 12 is definately a nice gun tho, but i dont default to it by any means whatsoever....give me the manual deal with that big shell thanks. you sound semi-auto dependant to me :) sorry

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jackhammer....if you're wanting to shoot 3 gun matches you want lightweight guns....especially if you are interested in the doing the "recon format" 3 gun matches....and as far as shotguns go in 3 gun matches....saigas rule....all the other guys with the pumps and remington autos are drooling on them....jealous even....some old schoolers think mag fed shotguns don't belong there....prolly cuz they get they're asses kicked by those mag fed shotguns.....go ahead and get that 12 lb shotgun....come back and let us know how you like it after you've done a few matches with it..

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Its OK people!!! calm down I have a pump 870 too!! Has anyone held a B.A.R. Now thats heavy, I could run miles with 12lb USAS-12 Im sorry but the ammo advantage is worth the 5-6 lbs weight. Whats the 3gun match thing consist of? How many targets, how far, for what gun?optic's are allowed?

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The USAS-12 demands perfect form to function reliably.If you don't give it an adequate backstop(your shoulder) to recoil against it will malfunction.I don't have any trouble because I's a pretty solid fellow but there were several former military guys of the 165-185lb variety who had to pay carefull attention to their stance and physical rigidity or it became an instant Jam-O-Matic.Also there are quite a few standard 12ga loads that are actually a hair too long that won't function in the weapon at all.


This weapon can be devastatingly effective if you are willing to train for it and have the luxury of cherrypicking your ammo.


I for one think that for realistic fighting applications that the Saiga is vastly superior to the USAS12,SPAS12 and certainly any tube fed gun that ever existed.


As far as 3Gun matches go the Saiga is quickly becoming the dominant shotgun among my crowd.A marginal shotgunner who could never place due to his shotgun scores but was great everywhere else is now the man to beat since I turned him on to the Saiga.He can post times that are better than the average SOF competitor and he's only been playing for a year!!!

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