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Wanting to add this Saiga to the ol' collection.

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So I've been toying with the idea of another rifle for awhile now. I've got my 7.62x39 (we need to come up with a nickname for that cartridge) Saiga. I like it. I want more like it. So the .308 is next on the list!


But the money I have to toy around with isn't in the range of the .308! Doing the bills and running the numbers, at best I've got $427 dollars to spend freely and not worry about anything (assuming I don't have a car wreck or need a new computer or something).


The cheapest .308 Saiga I've found was a 16" from ArmsofAmerican.com. But that is 549! The prices are dated and they told me they upped them $50.


So all I'm going to do is ask this: if anyone has an unconverted Saiga .308, or knows someone or some dealer selling one for $400-$427 shipped, let me know? I'm not just asking for me though, I'm sure anyone would love to see a $400ish dollar Saiga .308 right now!

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Yeah, its going to be tough to find one under $500 at this time. I would just look keep looking around - check gunbroker for new listings a couple times a day too - but they all seem to be going for well over $500 and no buy nows under that either. I know I've seen these for sale in the mid $400's but don't recall where.


ETA: Here they are at Atlantic: http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/beta/storeproduct455.aspx


$559... I would strongly suggest getting one sooner than later. Do check around everywhere you can think of - do a google, etc. but if you can't find em any cheaper, I wouldn't wait. And you need mags too.


Things have definately gone up in price - but then I don't think the value will go down any time soon either....

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I've got my 7.62x39 (we need to come up with a nickname for that cartridge)


.30 Soviet


I agree it needs to be shorter yet, how about: 7X39?


I have seen the 7.62x39mm called 30 Soviet on other forums. I have also seen the 5.45x39mm called a 21 Genghis for some reason...


7x39 would imply a 7mm bullet not a 30 cal like 7.62mm, however...THAT sounds like a fun wildcat idea to me. Neck down the 7.62x39 cases down to 7mm and rebarrel an AK pattern rifle for 7mm...the 7x39mm cases could have the same taper and OAL to fit in standard mags but you would get much higher velocities, better ballistics and flatter trajectories.

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check all local shops weekly if not more frequently.


i just stumbled upon one at a local shop saturday. he normally doesn't move these kind of weapons.


as new (only 15 rounds fired) for sale on consignment for $450!


16 inch model just like my other one. except i picked it up bout 5 years ago at about $250 NIB.


the chances of it being any less than that are very very slim unless you find somebody that doesn't know what they have.



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