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A call to arms?

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

DOD Ends Sale of Expended Military Brass to Remanufacturers



We all wondered when it was going to start. When the new administration would make their move against us as gun owners. Oh, everyone got upset about HR45--I'll bet I got over 100 e-mails warning me about this draconian gun registration bill that had been introduced in Congress.


I was really glad to see Tom Gresham, host of "Gun Talk Radio," an editor, writer, television host on "Self-Defense TV," and one of the foremost gun spokespersons, come out and tell everyone to stop worrying about legislation so absolutely over-the-top--it would never get out of committee.


Tom said save your energy for when we really need it--don't expend it trying to warn everyone in your e-mail list about legislation that would go nowhere.


Now, Tom just interviewed me, and Larry Haynie, owner of Georgia Arms (www.georgia-arms.com), on Gun Talk (www.guntalk.com)--and Tom agrees, now is the time to "...unleash the hounds..." by which he means start e-mailing and writing your senators and congressmen.


Now it has come clear...now we know what they intend to do.


It is an end-run around Congress. They don't need to try to ban guns--they don't need to fight a massive battle to attempt gun registration, or limit "assault" weapon sales.


Nope. All they have to do is limit the amount of ammunition available to the civilian market, and when bullets dry up, guns will be useless.


Think we jest?


Here is a copy of the letter sent to Georgia Arms just Thursday evening--effectively cancelling a contract he had to purchase 30,000 pounds of expended military brass in .223, 7.62mm, and .50 caliber:



March 12, 2009


Larry Haynie

Georgia Arms

PO Box 238

Villa Rica, GA 30180


Re: Event 7084-6200:


Dear Larry Haynie,


Effective immediately DOD Surplus, LLC, will be implementing new requirements for mutilation of fired shell casings. The new DRMS requirement calls for DOD Surplus personnel to witness the mutilation of the property and sign the Certificate of Destruction. Mutilation of the property can be done at the DRMO, if permitted by the Government, or it may be mutilated at a site chosen by the buyer. Mutilation means that the property will be destroyed to the extent prevents its reuse or reconstruction. DOD Surplus personnel will determine when property has been sufficiently mutilated to meet the requirements of the Government.


If you do not agree with the new conditions of your spot sale, please sign the appropriate box provided below stating that you do not agree to the new terms and would like to cancel your purchase effective immediately. If you do agree to the new terms please sign in the appropriate box provided below to acknowledge your understanding and agreement with the new requirements relating to your purchase. Fax the signed document back to (480) 367-1450, emailed responses are not acceptable.


Please respond to this request no later than close of business Monday, March 16th, 2009.




Government Liquidation.




Got that? From now on, remanufacturers of military brass will not be able to buy surplus brass from DOD--actually from Government Liquidators, llc.--the corporation that sells surplus materials for the U.S. government. At least, not in any form recognizable as once-fired brass ammunition.


Now all brass ammunition will have to be shredded, and sold as scrap.


Georgia Arms, who brought this to our attention, is the 5th largest ammunition manufacturer of centerfire pistol and rifle ammunition in the U.S.


"We're right up there behind Hornady," Larry Haynie told me.


He also told me with the cancellation of his contract to purchase this brass, and the ending of his ability to purchase any more expended military ammunition, he will have to severely curtail his operation--laying off approximately half his 60-person work force.


Haynie further pointed out this move is a stupendous waste of taxpayer money--reducing the worth of the brass some 80%--from casings, to shredded bulk brass.


He stated most of this will now go to foundries where it will be melted down, cast in shippable forms, and likely be sold to China, one of the largest purchasers of U.S. metals on the open market.


Haynie was manufacturing over 1 million rounds of .223 ammunition every month, which he sold on the civilian market to resellers, and to law enforcement agencies across the country.


He will start tomorrow sending cancellations of orders for .223 to law enforcement agencies all over the country.


You can expect this to affect every bullet you purchase in the future--with no reloaded ammunition available, the already strained new manufacturers will be unable to meet demand. They are already turning out everything they can build for the military market. The civilian market is stressed to the point even reloading components have become hard to find.


Now, with this hit, ammunition prices will go through the roof in the next year.


Your quality piece, sitting in your gun rack, will become a very expensive wood and steel, or plastic and steel club.


What can you do?


Google "contact members of Congress" or simply type in www.congress.org.


When you reach that site, type in your zip code--it will give you all your representatives, senators, and their web pages.


Here is a letter I just sent to Representative Bill Cassidy, Congressman from the 6th District of Louisiana, and Senator David Vitter of Louisiana. I will be sending it to every member of our congressional delegation. Feel free to copy it and paste in your own e-mail, sending it to your legislators. We have to stop this now!



The Honorable Bill Cassidy

Member of Congress from Louisiana


Dear Congressman Cassidy:


It has come to my attention that the Department of Defense has issued a directive that all expended military brass (fired cases) will now be shredded and sold for scrap material, rather than resold by Government Liquidators LLC to the civilian market for remanufacture.


You may not be aware of it, but there is a severe shortage of ammunition available for sale to the public across the country, causing problems for shooters, hunters, and reloaders everywhere.


Now, apparently the Obama administration, realizing they cannot move against private firearms ownership since the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Washington D.C./Heller case, has made their move in another way.


By cutting off the resale of expended military ammunition to remanufacturers, they have put a stranglehold on the nation's ammunition supply.


Further, they have reduced the return to the government on expended brass by 80%. What was sold for remanufacturer at a fair return to the government, will now cost the taxpayers untold sums of money as the cost of scrap brass is far below the price per pound for expended military ammunition.


In addition, the use of remanufactured ammunition is a huge asset to law enforcement agencies across the country who buy millions of rounds of reloaded ammunition a year from these manufacturers for practice rounds.


With this market gone, law enforcement will no longer be able to purchase inexpensive reloaded ammunition, and with the continuing combat status of military forces across the Middle East, original manufacturers of new ammunition are turning out everything they can make to the government, thus exacerbating the shortage of new ammunition in both the civilian and law enforcement market.


Lastly, in these harsh economic times, does it not strike you as cold and calculating that the Obama administration has no compunction against ruining an industry that employs thousands of American citizens in the remanufacturing of sporting and military ammunition. One major resupplier, Georgia Arms, the fifth largest manufacturer of centerfire pistol and rifle ammunition has informed me he will have to quickly lay off half his 60-person workforce, as he has had to cancel contracts with dozens of police agencies who had contracted with him to supply them with remanufactured .223 ammunition.


Georgia Arms has been practically put out of business by this directive that all expended military brass must be shredded. His current contracts have been canceled, and he is notifying his customers across the country he can no longer supply their ammunition needs.


Please look into this immediately. This move by the Obama administration is nothing but a back-door strike against firearms ownership in this country--if shooters can't buy ammunition, the guns are little better than steel clubs--and this is obviously the intent.


Thank you for your time and efforts in this serious attack against the Second Amendment rights of the American citizenry.




Gordon Hutchinson


Author "The Great New Orleans Gun Grab"


Firearms Columnist for Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi Sportsman magazines.

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Share on other sites Installations must implement Component

procedures that ensure U.S. trade security control policies are followed in accordance

with DoD Instruction 4160.27 (reference (y) and DoD 4160.21-M-1 (reference (z),

prior to directly selling firing-range-expended brass or mixed metals gleaned from

firing range cleanup that do not require demilitarization and that are Munitions List

DODI 4715.4, June 18, 1996


Items (MLI) or Strategic List Items (SLI). Expended brass shall be crushed, shredded,

or otherwise destroyed prior to public sale. Reuse Screening: Prior to selling directly other

qualified recycling program materials, installations shall implement Component

procedures for local reuse screening to consider reutilization, transfer, and donation

programs in accordance with DoD 4160.21-M (reference (w)).




BTW: This was dated June of 1996, and modified in 1998


I would think something that big would be all over the media, and the NRA would be up in arms over it. But I'm not sweating it. I don't think that is a credible letter....

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I'd like to see some links on this page for verification. Or I'll be forced to Google it myself.. :rolleyes:


Yeah, even if this is legit I don't think it'll stay this way. It's very wasteful people who don't even give a rat's about guns or ammo won't like the fact the the gov't is throwing away 80% of the return on it's brass.

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So far I can't find anyone that cites a good source. It would suck tremendously if it were true, but so far there's still a possibility that somebody panicked and started a rumor fire.

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This is huge. It is true and it is a huge affront to our 2nd Ammendment. I have to go to class right now but later I will be writing my Reps.


PLEASE DO the SAME!!!!!!!


Think about this...........


-----Original Message-----






Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 5:34 PM

To: rlepage@usa.net

Subject: Important Notice to Scrap Metal Buyers!




Dear Valued Customer:


Please take a moment to note important changes set forth by the Defense Logistics Agency:


Recently it has been determined that fired munitions of all calibers, shapes and sizes have been designated to be Demil code B. As a result and in conjunction with DLA's current Demil code B policy, this notice will serve as official notification which requires Scrap Venture (SV) to implement mutilation as a condition of sale for all sales of fired munitions effective immediately. This notice also requires SV to immediately cease delivery of any fired munitions that have been recently sold or on active term contracts, unless the material has been mutilated prior to sale or SV personnel can attest to the mutilation after delivery. A certificate of destruction is required in either case.


Thank you,


DOD Surplus

15051 N Kierland Blvd # 300

Scottsdale, AZ 85254


I got that from the JPFO. check it out


This is going to put ammo prices through a roof that we've never imagined. You think it bad now......just wait.


Why....in these times of economic crisis would our govt. turn millions of pounds of $2.00 per pound brass into $0.35 cents a pound scrap metal?


The ammo ban is coming......they don't have to ban guns.


It is now time to rise up with our words so that later we don't have to use our arms for what the founding fathers intended they be used for.......which is obviously not hunting animals.

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I still can't find any kind of credible confirmational source on this besides the email that everyone keeps copying and pasting. The NRA website has nothing to say about it. I sent them an email; when/if they respond I'll post it.

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It's just the Obama administration trying to help out where it can as fast as it can. :rolleyes: Looks like ammo will be short on supply and tall on expense for the foreseeable future.

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Explains something like this means to a newbie like me. Even if it's a few years old. I don't quite get it. Sounds like it would suck ass for the reloading community? Who uses military brass? Do the name brands buy it in bulk and melt it down for their ammo, that might make sense? Do they take the cases and use them as is. How does expelled military brass fit into the scheme of things, I wouldn't think it'd be available on the private market anyway.

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huh, my walmart has 7000 rounds of federal 5.56, I just picked up as much as i could afford. as well as 9mm, they had cases of .308 and 30-06 in stock, but sold out of .45, .40, .38, .357 mag, so thats better then its been, and they said they have been getting ammo every week now. things are at least looking up for me. ;)

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They were talking about this on Lars Larson today. He said this dates back to when the F-14 parts were accidentally sold overseas. After that restrictions were put in place to make sure that it did not happen again.



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I just figured I would ask the NRA about this. This is the response I got.


Thank you for your email.


We are aware of the de-mil brass issue and have been in contact with officials at DOD regarding this matter and are working to get it resolved.


Please check our website www.nraila.org or contact us directly via email or 800-392-8683 for future updates.



Susan Christman

NRA-ILA Grassroots Division

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I just got my NRA reply too. Same text.


I think there's a good possibility this thing might go the way of HR-45. The NRA at least doesn't seem too worried, at least not yet. We'll have to see, I guess.

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