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HK Cowitness Holographic

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i have this set up with an Aimpoint M2 and i love it



P.S. i dont think any vendors sell this so i linked it if the mods think it needs to be deleted thats fine by me

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in my humble opinion... the best bang for your buck red dot (hands down) is the Bushnell TRS-25

Its all aluminum, is very sturdy, and weighs less than 4.oz


I have a few of them set up as co-witness sights on my AR, AK & V

(and Im working on a 4th one set-up to be co-witness on my S-12 now that I have my AK Sight Block from Dinzag)


For under $80 I don't believe it can be beat


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I was hoping for something maybe a little larger and possibly a smaller border around the enclosure. I've seen EOtech's similar to what i'm describing, but I hear they dont cowitness the HK sights very well, plus they're very pricey. I guess I also dont like the look of the cylinder sights. Thanks for the suggestions so far though - I looked up review on all of them.

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On my S12 I run a Fastfire II. It works with the Chaos HK style sight just fine. For the shotgun I like the open/full veiw sight plain of the Fastfire style sight. On my mini Draco Im running the Sparq. The Sparq is a great sight but field of view is nothing like the Fastfire. The Sparq will not cowitness with allot of rail/sight combinations but it does come with a 2X multiplier with is an extra cost with other sights. Plus they have a lifetime warranty.


Cell phone pics.


Burris Fastfire II





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