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Vepr Super 308 and Vepr 308 side by side

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Hello again, I wanted to show a side by side comparison of the super vepr and the regualar vepr.



Here we go, top is super vepr and bottom is regular vepr.


Top is super, bottom is regular, the rear sight block for the super vepr is like the sight block for the version 02 with integrated sights of the regular vepr, the bottom is the regualr version 01 vepr, the version 01 can take the texas weapons top cover but the version 02 with super vepr cannot. The rear sight assembly is used to secure the gas tube, no more rotating arm to lock the gas tube, its a spring loaded assembly, you pull back to release the gas tube.


The top is super, bottom is regular, gas system is longer on the super, the barrel of the super is also fluted, and ported on the end. The ported barrel really helps to reduce the recoil.


Here is the gas piston and bolts, the top is super and bottom is regular vepr, as you can see the super gas tube is longer and different from regular vepr, it is no longer the same as the AK family, it is a newer attachment system as well as the rear sight block.


The Barrel of the super vepr is around .867 of an inch.


This is the barrel of the vepr 308, its from .800 to .810 by the rear sight block.

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Here is the super vepr by the gas block, its around .864 of an inch


This is the regular vepr, its around .810 to .801 of an inch.


Here is the super at the muzzle, its around .736 of an inch


This is the regular vepr, its around .645 of an inch.



This is the super vepr reciever, as you can see, its not as thick as the regular vepr, but thicker than the saiga 308, also it may be my measureing, its anywhere from 1.31 to 1.41 mm.



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I'm on the fence about whether to get one or not & which one to get if I do.

Is there any noticeable difference in accuracy? recoil?

Have you considered trying a muzzle device on the standard model? I really like the Hunter model, but considering the price is 50% higher now, that's a tough bit to spend right now. The stock definitely looks nicer & it comes with a quality side mount rail.

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Your lucky your Ver 01 VEPR has the barrel threading (14Lx1) under that CAP on the end.. & mine did not.. (had to thread it)..


So its not 0.645" but more like .612-.624 under their.. just an FYI note for others reading this..


WPA confirmed the newer imported Ver 01 have threading but some from 2011 did not.. mine is from 8/31/2011..


Other than that side note.. Very nice report on both items..

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There is a noticeable difference in recoil, the super vepr has a softer recoil pulse, the barrel on the super has a compensator and softens the recoil. I have not installed a muzzle device on the regular vepr. The triggers are similar, they are 2 stage, a little gritty but they just need to wear in and become polished. The recoil is felt like this, softest to harsher, super , vepr, then saiga 308.


As far a accuracy is concerned, I don't have a good scope to put on the rifles, so I don't know. It should be similar, the bore is identical to the naked eye, the thicker barrel on the super should be more accurate in theory but nobody has really done the side by side testing.

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Mags for super vepr and regular vepr 308 are the same, I dont know about aftermarket mags but factory ones interchange.

csspec mags will require a bit of filing and polishing to fit the super correctly, the locking tab tends to be a bit too thick and the mag catch doesn't snap all the way.
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I have one of the first ones into the country and one of the later ones, the earlier version is better quality than the second one, and it shoots better too.

Nice I also have one of first batches also, ordered from Tony...forget the company, but outa NJ back in 2011

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Do you have original mags that fit?? And do you have aftermarket mags that do not, Both in your possession to compare side by side?? 

Get a set of mics, and start figuring out why the aftermarket ones don't fit. Something's gotta be too big. And if so, can material be removed so that they can??


Post a few pics of them side by side from  different angles. ( Top, side, back, front) 

Sometimes that's enough for the eye to catch and one can say " right there" lol 

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