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I wrote, but to deaf ears in this state. Even are Rep. Representatives seem to be in support of a ban.

Although, like I believe them... The responce "I don't expect much to change." is a weak, fanciful, feel good attempt at prewritten responce too taxpayers.

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just sent this message to my congressman and senators. don't know if it will help but you gotta try.



Dear Senator's and congressman,


Please do your duty and uphold our 2nd Amendment Rights. It has already been decided by the supreme court that the average american citizen has the right to bear arms. Further more this right is specifically for the protection from both another citizen and the tyranny of an unjust government. When one recognizes these facts there is only one conclusion, any gun control that prohibits law abiding citizens of this nation from owning weapons that are similar to what the military and law enforcement has, like semi auto handguns and rifles with a high capacity, is unconstitutional. So please when the time comes to vote, do not sell out the people you are to represent, vote against anti 2nd amendment bills.


Thank you,

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So I actually received a response from my congressman. I wish I could copy and paste his response, but it is only in my work e-mail unfortunately. I was a little busy and only scanned through his message quickly, but it was typical Democrat BS. The thing that really pissed me off about his response to me was that he mentioned going to a funeral or two and that is was unlike anything he's experienced before. When I go back to work next week, I will be sure to email him again and let him know I attended the memorial service of one his former constituents and my former brother in arms in a foreign country where there is still a f-ing war going on. I mean no disrespect to the families in Newtown, CT but I doubt this jerkoff congressman was even aware that someone he represented was KIA.

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