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Expected a wait... but not like this

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Back in June I ordered a SHF KEG-12. ("Improved" Serbu knockoff, 2+1 Mossberg AOW... pretty sweet IMHO) I've waited relatively patiently so far (as patient as someone can wait on a new toy THAT cool I suppose). I got a message today from the out-of-state company I bought it from... DENIED. Apparently my local gun store either lied about having the right SOT/c3/whatever license it takes to transfer class 3 firearms, or gave them seller the wrong info. 5 months of waiting wasted. Looks like tomorrow I get to stop in and try to sort this mess out and start over...BOO!!! commence angry emoticon bomb: beaten.gif  booo.gif wet_eyes.gif nonono.gif cry.gif 010.gif mad.gif angry.png excl.png ...

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Stopped into the LGS today... after trying to talk his way out of it, and denying he had even talked to anyone about such a firearm, he finally admitted "yes, I sent the stores FFL not my class 3" ...yeah... yeah you did. Chile "fucking livid" pretty much describes it. I'd like to give him an honest try to fix it from here on out, even though there's NO room for error with something like this... so we'll see how it turns out.

And I know it's a dumb reason but the next closest C3 dealer I could find is 2 hours away and costs 3 times as much for the transfer... apparently a little more money would have let me shortcut the bullshit. 

Mike I'm expecting 5+ months for it to be transferred to my LGS. If it took that long for it to get back for the rejection, I'd be willing to bet it's a fair estimate it would be the same for the approval. 

Again: I expected a wait, but this isn't what I expected. booo.gif

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I've never purchased one before, but it is pretty clear to me that form 2 items are denied on the basis of formality errors constantly.  I know you do not have total control, but I'd go with a different dealer, and ask to double check every step of the process. They obviously won't let you do everything, but I also think they might have no problem with you double checking the documents before they are sent.

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Update: ATF called the other morning, left me a message saying my fingerprint cards were missing information.... good to know my transferor is on top of his game*sarcasm*. I'll be making sure to leave bad reviews for him everywhere possible. This guy shouldn't be in business. Luckily I was able to give them my information over the phone. If nothing else, this was somewhat of an update, lets me know my paperwork isn't in a box on the floor anymore and is actually taking up space on someones desk. 

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Lapeer Military Surplus/ Frank Vanpaepeghem

 Ordered out of state on 6-19-13

 Disapproved 11-15-13 (sent wrong FFL number)

 Frank said he would call and take care of the problem, I had to hassle and remind him there was a problem. Had to resubmit Information and start over.

 Approval 3-9-14, received by Frank shortly thereafter

 Did not have any fingerprint cards, said he would order more from the ATF, after weeks of hassle, I had the out of state seller send some to me personally.

 Frank then said he would have the form 4's filled out, had to stop in to the store multiple times, and they were never completed, I had to fill them out myself.

 Forms finally sent in May, around 5-10-14

 One of my visits in May, they were complaining loudly throughout the shop that a different customer had also been given the wrong FFL# and had also wasted 5 months on a transfer

 1-2-15 ATF informed me my fingerprint cards weren't filled out correctly (luckily, I was able to correct via a phone call)

 I reminded Frank 1-15-15 that my approval was on its way, and double checked he had my contact information

 I called the ATF status line on 1-16-15 and they said my stamp was approved 1-7-15

 Then I stopped by Lapeer Military 1-17-15, Frank told me that the stamp arrived the afternoon of 1-15-15 but could not find my contact information.


 The only 2 GOOD points I can make about my transaction through Lapeer Military are the following:

 ~$75 Class 3 transfer is $100+ cheaper than any surrounding businesses.

 ~Frank made special arrangements so I could pick up my firearm after hours


I would NOT recommend Lapeer Military Surplus for any Class3 firearm transfers. There were too many mistakes made, and I basically had to do the transfer process Myself with the help of the original out of state dealer I had purchased the gun from. 

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That blows man.  I've gotten 3 stamps through Ed at Mission Critical in Shelby Township.  He can be a little surly at times (I think because he's got a successful business that is growing fast), but he knows his shit and I've been very satisfied. 

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