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Conversion time is here

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Got my box 'o parts from Carolina Shooters Supply today. Have watched videos from Carolina Shooters Supply, RisArms and Poison Stinger over and over  and feel very confident. Can't wait to get started. I want to thank all the members that encouraged me to go ahead with this conversion. Will update.

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Got my gun completely stripped and the bare metal on the bottom of the receiver painted. I am planning to finish the project tomorrow. The only thing I am just slightly fuzzy about it the little notch I am supposed to put in the BHO lever for the short arm of the spring to sit in. The new spring came from CSS with the "hook" already in it. I don't know why they didn't also put the notch in too. It's funny, I have 3 different UTube videos showing the conversion and each one, though it talks about this notch, either the guy's hand blocks the view when he's putting it in or the lighting is awful so exactly what I need to see is dark. Oh well, I'll figure it out. Can't wait to try her out. Also, I got the Hogue pistol grip instead of the saw grip and the instructions say I have to do a bit of fitting here too. 

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I had to do a bit of fitting on the hogue grips I have installed. I have never had a problem with the hogue grips and I love them. I have handled them roughly, put lots of force on them from different directions and shot the gun one handed just holding the grip. Works great.


If you have finished the conversion now, you should post pictures.

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Well, my conversion is finished, more or less. No, it wasn't quite as easy as some of the videos said, but it was doable. I didn't notch the BHO lever the way Rand pictured it here (didn't see the post until I was done). I notched it above the little valley like I saw in a couple of other videos. Seems to work OK. I kind of notched it where his pic shows the spring sitting, Hopefully that will work out OK. I used the axis pin retention plate rather than the shepherds hook. I think I had more trouble getting it in along with the safety than the BHO spring, although that was tough too. I used the Hogue pistol grip and it feels & looks great. In mounting the Tapco stock I didn't drill the two holes exactly right (drill walked) and because of that the stock has a very tiny gap at the back of the receiver. Not that big a deal, but I may change stocks out someday. I used the JTE mainspring. Trigger feels fabulous, much lighter.

After everything was back together, I took her out back and ran (5) 2 3/4" and (5) 3" shells and it ran perfectly. Over all, I'm glad I did it, but I'm glad it's done.

Before & after pics to come.

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