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Legality of Saiga 12 in the NE...

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Hello all.


I am moving from Texas to the Northeast (in a month, don't know which state yet), and I have contacted the ATF, District Attourneys, and Police/DPS of Connecticuit, Rhode Island, Maine, Hew Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont and New York.


My problem is this: no one will level with me, other than the police/DPS in NJ and NY as to the legality to own an unmodified Saiga 12 (Model IZ-406)---illegal in those two states.


I have contacted an attourney, and even he doesn't know.


I have seen Saiga 12s for sale in NH and VT through Armslist. I cannot assume these are allowed to be for sale in these states. I have a clean record and want to keep it that way.


Someone, please help. I have used the search function, and cannot locate a breakdown. Is my gun legal? Where is it not legal in the NE?


Many thanks. I love my Saiga and DON'T want to part with her!


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NY and CT are for sure a no. NJ I think your good but you need to change stocks to a regular sporter without thumbhole. There is also some sort of gun owner ID thing you have to do before, which makes moving with one really complicated.


The other states are better for firearms. Just be aware that you may be better off shipping the firearm to a FFL or to yourself at your new address than to have it in your vehicle or flying with it.. Remember that if your flight lands in NY even just to get on another plane, you can't have anything that would be illegal in NY. Shipping it bypasses that little issue.


Not sure of your exact situation. But if you can leave it with family until you figure out your situation, that would be safer. At this point selling a Saiga due to a short term move is a bad idea, as the costs are likely to increase in just a few years.

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You already know of course that you may just be screwed and will have to leave your fun trusty semi auto sporting shotgun with trusted family or friends while you enjoy your new job in the NE commie quarter of our once great Constitutional Republic, don't you?


But ... but ... but; ... there may be an answer. Anyway you can contact a very good dealer in one of the states where you might be sent to work? If they allow good stuff in that state. Some states are strange. Allow NFA goodies, but have strict other state gun laws.


Find that dealer and ask him. Tell him you will $PAY$ him for his knowledge and information. Build him up as the guy who DOES know, as he does it for a living and WOULD know the skinny. Might be quicker and more accurate then spinning your wheels right now.


Just me. HB of CJ (old coot) Of course he might shine you on also. Choosing the right gun shop makes all the difference in the world, like out here in SW OR, USA. About 43M, 123W kinda. Our local NFA dealer spends LOTS of time getting legal things exactly correct.

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NH... I live in NH.  To my knowledge there are zero restrictions on Saiga of any kind.  NH is one of the most gun friendly states in the country.  If you move here and work in MA, though, just make sure you are paranoid about keeping shells and such out of your car when you cross that border because MA is one of the worst states in the country when it comes to firearms.


In MA you need a special card to own firearms and there are multiple types of them.  I forget the details, but if you are moving there call GOAL (Gun Owners Action League) before you do.  They will probably be able to give you this color coded town listing... green means you would probably be allowed to get the "scary firearm" version of the license, and red means probably not.  It's up to law enforcement who gets what in each town.

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