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Just something I noticed

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Yeah I would agree it's not as big of a deal at a competition. It's a combat shotgun. it's being marketed for law enforcement, contractors, and military. That won't fly or pass anyone's testing.


it can be fixed but shouldn't need to be on an $80 factory magazine.

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I did get a few CSS specs magazines the issue with their magazine is heavy recoiling ammunition causes the floor plate to fall off. The spring follower everything dumps. I was running hornady heavy magnum coyote 3in because it was on the shelf versatite wad and 12 pellets 00. 


I was able to fix to fix that problem though by bending the floor plate tabs in a vice. They slide on with a lot of force probably not coming back off.

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Feel free to hit the range with your choice of anti-personnel ammunition hammer it off and find out. Mine did it first or second run. I’m assuming the inside plate bounces out and that floor plate slides right off like glass.

they’re better than the rest of the US copy’s I’ve seen which I considered crap. The CSS specs do run.

One of the many reasons I’ve said they’re crap is that you’ll have to expend so much ammunition to make sure those magazines run it’s not worth it. That’s aside from dicking around with them, getting to a range, paying fees to shoot for most people. You may as well spend the extra money to buy a better magazine. That’s even if it’s just a HD gun.





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