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Reading more into the Canadian sniper shot that hit its target I found that a drone deployed might of given the spotter better information on range, multiple wind and atmosphere information.

With all that being said and knowing the Canadians have awesome 50 cal loads it looks like high tech in warfare has just jumped a notch.

The opitics today are unbelievable. Match that with good eyes and awesome technology I expect more of this.

Also there is a 50 cal guided round now as well but it does not have the weight to go 2 miles but who knows. "Bad guys beware and keep you head down yah know Aye!"

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A drone transmitting info to help a sniper make a miracle shot seems like underutilizing drone tech.


Sniping capable drones would be more effective, cheaper, and use a smaller caliber, depending on the range.


A .22 could be the standard, for starters.


Transmission ranges are in miles, for people in the hobby.

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I think drones work well with all the stuff that is guided but it is a moving platform.

One needs a stable platform for shooting a bullet. Like I said the guided 50 cal bullet may change all this once they can get more range.

Not taking away from this accomplishment but I think it will never be the norm as most sniper shots are far less than this one.

Drones run out of gas a sniper can sit undetected for days.

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Still, even with assistance, it's a hell of a shot.


The question is: Can he repeat the performance regularly?


I've both seen and made some amazing shots...once. Repeating it on demand is the bitch.

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