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Pro football smells like road kill on a hot summer day

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Look,  you live in a country that provides the opportunity to compete equally, and capture multi-million dollar contracts in exchange for athletic performance regardless of race, religion,  creed etc.

Other than the Superbowl I haven't watched any regular NFL Football in 2-3 years/ I don't like College Football but I catch it all the time because my In-Laws and younger son are rabid Bama fans.  

I can't see the fascination with watching a bunch of spoiled, ignorant adults getting paid millions to play a child's game.

I still have no ldea how they play that stuff.


Because it gives you a tangible connection to something you've said " "we" won" about your whole life. You can show off your knowledge, and convert it into direct rather than vicarious competition. A vague "we won" becomes " I won." Also when talking to your friends, it becomes "I beat you".


I've thought for years that if people took the game theory analytics that they spend on upgrading pokemon or WOW, or fantasy football and put it into gaming penny stocks, they would be very rich. We have a deep need to win at something and have a feeling of connection between our effort and knowledge and a score. The score may as well be actual cash, IMO.


Hockey season started today...


I recently heard that a crazy kid I knew growing up got an NHL job. His pretty sister turned down a full ride scholarship for Olympic hockey to marry a life on LNI loser.


I'm not much for watching a sport, but hockey is very fun to play, even with shoes and street hockey gear. One of my favorite sports to play as a kid. I'm not really good enough on skates to play, but the game is still fun.

edit. I can't find him, so the info must have been incorrect. Probably minors. I know he used to play with the Tri-Cities Americans in WA.



Turns out he's hired by the league as a professional ref, doing American league games, and some NHL, transitioning to NHL full time. So the rumor that he got a professional hockey job was true, but the rumor that he was "in the NHL" was not.

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Look,  you live in a country that provides the opportunity to compete equally, and capture multi-million dollar contracts in exchange for athletic performance regardless of race, religion,  creed etc., etc.. Here on planet Earth, that's a pretty goddanm good gig.


Where else  on this planet are your going to get that opportunity?  You exotic car driving, diamond watch wearing, mansion buying, whore mongering, big spending high rollers, aren't going to find a better deal any where else.


Want to play football in a day-glo orange hijab? As long as you're wearing a regulation helmet over it, no one gives a  rats ass. Really, we don't fucking care! All you have to do is "show up on time, play game, and collect check".


Stand the fuck up, and put your highly insured hand over your newly sensitive, newly bleeding, highly privileged heart, and thank the real heroes who shed blood, and gave their lives for your right to free speech.


You are so disconnected from your intended audience (your former fans) that you don't understand that we are sickened by your self serving, self absorption, and cowardice. Every time you take a knee you loose thousands if not hundreds of thousands of fans.


Let me break it down for you in terms of what is important to you, and in language you can understand .... When you take a knee, disrespecting the National Anthem, the U.S. flag, and real American Heroes (those who have served, and given their very lives in defense of your rights), Americans stop following your team, and they stop following you individually as an athlete. You and your team and any team owner who pretends that they sympathize with you becomes a "Pariah". https://www.thefreedictionary.com/pariah


So, in even more basic terms - If you take a knee before the the national anthem and the flag, people will not watch your games, advertisers will loose revenue, the networks who rely upon advertiser revenue will loose money, and eventually you will be fired and replaced by the people who currently sign your multi-million dollar paychecks.


I wrote (sometimes) long paragraphs with many words. Read them, or not.




Mike Rogers

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I have seen people refuse to honor the flag because of how the US has treated them, ie Cherokee, Southerners .... etc

I can understand that well enough


I have seen them not honor the flag for religious reasons seeing it as idolatry.

I can absolutely understand that


But until now I had never seen a group refuse to honor it for virtue signaling on TV.

Basically because no one cared but now they do for some reason maybe because its on TV, I don't know.


There are a whole list of reasons not to watch the NFL, those of you ticked off due to the flag welcome to the club.

Maybe now those teams wont get any more tax dollars... I dream I know

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