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  1. From the album: Shadow's Guns

    Road Runner's Revenge 1.0 My new coyote rifle. Originally a basic BCM upper at 20inches of barrel length I quickly attached a Yankee Hill flip up sight/gas block combo with the HK design front sight. On the rear is a range adjustable flip up rear sight made by pro mag. While I'm not a pro mag fan, I do like the design and getting it, I found out it's ALL metal, they didn't really make it that flemsy, it looks like it might take some abuse a little bit. Using a barrel with the M203 cut under the hand guard to reduce swing weight, 5.56 NATO chambering and a 1:7 twist rate, I can deal out
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  2. From the album: Shadow's Guns

    The Masterpiece Arms Defender series top cocking .45 ACP pistol While I know Masterpiece Arms doesn't call it the M10 and it's not a true M10 (No fun-mode), I call it my M10. So I found this baby used and while I've been putting off buying one, I considered it a sign and bought it. The original M10/MAC-10 was designed and built as a throw-away SMG in hopes of a CIA/military contract but it found love in the civilian market despite being a jam-o-matic. In the 1980's through the 90's it became a poster child synonomous with being in the hands of drug dealers/gangs. Today it's pretty
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