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  1. Quote from Rush L show: “ So law enforcement gathered every detail about this nut in a little over 24 hours. Why is the Russian hacking of election still dragging on?” Sad day, poor people didnt have a chance. Penned up, the perfect setup for the slaughter. We will never know what was going in his mind. I did like the WH response of now is not the time to talk about gun control. Hug the the ones you love and tell them you do every chance you get. This only gets bumpier from here
  2. Poor kids will have to learn of the great leader in schools. What a shock they will get when talking to grandpa and hearing the real story. Should be Damnatio memoriae, but alas the liberals will write him history 180 out from the real history.
  3. So the long journey will begin. So much for him to do in two years. But it's about fucking time! Get busy mister
  4. Cameron that looks awesome. When can we start throwing money at you?
  5. How about find out what he likes and a ship to address?
  6. Gun control, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Remain calm, breath out slowly as you pull the trigger. Write our elected officials on a daily basis Load magazines Rinse and repeat
  7. Finally people actually having the backbone and sticking it in the gubberments ass. Fucking Bravo! To bad so many in the US have forgotten what a that is............ HB, What bad will come of this? WWIII? I think not. The EU is ruled by a pentathern in Brussels. It's even worse than our Lame dick no brains muslim.............
  8. State dept has set record for allowing Syrian refugees in this year. Mexico becoming a state wouldn't surprise me one bit
  9. How can you huff gas when it's impossible to open the new safety cans? Funny shit in this post! The study was done by the beverage industry...... But it don't matter one bit, we will die. Some will just do it happier than others
  10. Wyoming welder, facing $16M in fines, beats EPA in battle over stock pond http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/05/10/wyoming-welder-facing-16m-in-fines-beats-epa-in-battle-over-stock-pond.html Wonder how that went over in the red velvet castle?
  11. http://www.bbc.com/news/election-2016-36232392 Sad they finally fell, decent ally for the most part
  12. Exactly how often are you in the chat room? Made-up facts are what politicians and journalists specialize in. Are you saying there is no intelligent chat?
  13. Obummer was told people were chatting in an intelligent manner and issued a executive order to kill your chat room. J/K hope they fix it for you
  14. Are there any examples of a caliber becoming obsolete?
  15. You would most likely get an STD! Who would wanna follow cyanne or what the fuck that idiots name is
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