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  1. I don't go for the shake n bake.... LOL I enjoy camo paint jobs. the standard paints are all i go with. I do however have a compressor and paint guns also so... You don't need to bake the Duracoat, it will air cure over night. I do the baking part to speed the cure so I can continue onto the next color in a camo pattern. The instruction you get with the Duracoat are very good. How to mix, apply, finish......... Thier Trustrip cleaner is EXCELLENT, I get a can with every order. Whatever product you go with I can not express the need for the prep work enough. the better the prep the better
  2. I guess the economy is bad for the coyotes also if thier taking to assaults and robberies....... They weren't even armed....
  3. Vendor?????????? Why middle man in? Deal with the manufacturer; http://lauerweaponry.com/
  4. I like Duracoat... I'm a fan of it. I've painted alot of it on everything. Duracoat is easy to apply.... easy. Air dry or bake it. I bake the parts in the kitchen oven, it doesn't stink like other finishes when baking. When done correct it's hard and easy to clean/wipe down. The color white or any other doesnt get the grimy. I can't express prep prep and prep before paint. Bead blast, sand blast, scuff it with a scotchbrite, the more prep you put into it the better the finish will come out. When you think it's clean enough to paint...... clean it again.
  5. Why did Saiga production slow down? ....................................... So they could make Vepr's from the parts........ Am I wrong?????????? Truth hurts don't it?
  6. THAT'S GREAT!!!! Wish I thought of it... Made my day seeing that.
  7. to pull the barrel i used a tie rod puller from auto parts store. you can reinstall useing either a press with blocking in the receiver opening or a long piece of allthread will work on the cheap. rivet tool.... google pookie rivet tool, modded jaws for bolt cutters are used. <<<< Dont cheap out with the 18" ones, for the lower rivets 24" ones are easier. like i said before you can use a good vise to install the trigger guard rivets. Tools are tools. An AK is not like a lego build AR. Not to scare you.... an AK is simple to build.... fun to build... time and material.
  8. LOL good deal
  9. Add a US made gas piston to the list. Tools???? Well, with a 100% receiver you don't need a bending jig and the rails will be installed with the center support rivet. But you'll still need tools to pull the barrel from the trunion, then install it. A press is a must have. Riveting tool for front trunnion and rear trunnion. Trigger guard riveting jig is nice, but it can be done in a vise. Go/no go gages
  10. Promag..... no steel feed lips.... I got one burried somewhere... It's a POS in every rifle I own.
  11. You can find surplus Yugo rear trunions, or a complete stock set if you hunt. A US made m70 underfolder trunion is gonna cost you @ $75. The thing you need to remember, most Yugo's were built on a 1.5mm receiver. The rear trunion will be to narrow to install in a Saiga receiver. That said...... It is doable.... with thin sheet metal shims on both sides. A Romanian underfolder assembly would be most likely the cheapest way to go.
  12. Ironhead..... you still got...... " 1 bad Cirle 10 black. For parts. Someone tried to modify the feed lips. $10.00 plus shipping." I'll take it..... Need it for a project.....
  13. Really???? Hmmm. Out of the 9 Galil mags I have for my 223, only one has feeding issues. I didn't touch any, in any way. They just work.
  14. No. LOL I still have that $200 Auzzie Coach Wood set laying in hibernation.
  15. I cleaned the piss out of it when it came home. I've shot a few boxes through it already to make sure i didn't have any feeding issues with my mags. Extractor is good. So far i'm happy.
  16. Well Gents, I got Bored again. Awhile back I bought a well War-Torn FAL stock set Rhodesian Camouflage. It's been sitting waiting for something, and the day came around. I picked up a WASR-22, I'm not a taccool type guy, so I kept thinking/wondering if i could get the handguards to fit. The WASR-22 fell apart, strange how that happens. It's a blow back rifle so the gas system wasn't needed. I whored out the FS block to fit where the gas block should be and pressed/pinned it backwards for looks. With a little cutting and fitting to the rear of the HG's, then adding some plastic
  17. You do know this post is almost a year old right???????????
  18. They may not want to get the hate mail full of white powder either, like the Journal did. http://news.yahoo.com/someone-sent-white-power-paper-published-gun-permit-151541248.html
  19. To me it's still a 50/50 I don't think you'll be losing anything money wise. Personally I'd take a FAL over an AR any day.
  20. Personally.... I would drill the barrel and find a finishing nail to use as the pin. Hammer/Mushroom the ends to fill the odd shaped holes. It's not like a part your gonna take off numerous times. Do with what you got.... or... Get another.... or... Weld it on through the holes.
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