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  1. Do you have a VSS or just the picture in your avatar?

  2. I wouldn't worry too much. The russian government will probably jump-start Molot again once they need new RPKs.
  3. hahahaha! That's hilarious!!!! But I sincerely hope you were just kidding. Take a look at my post.
  4. That is the rear sight and has nothing to do with grenades. Here is a detailed tutorial: http://www.ak-47.net/ak47/sightingin.html It even shows you how to use the adjustment tool, which you all should own. He was joking.
  5. Hmmm,I didn't know that.They seem to have a glut of them still in Europe but we get none of them here. That rumor has been around for a while. At first i believed it, but then Molot showed up at IWA2008 so for now i'm calling BS on that. Next month i'll find out if they were there this year, because the gun mag i read does a full report on the event every year. They might have lost a lawsuit, but they most likely didn't cease production since they're supplying the russian army with all the RPKs and 9x39 rifles among others. Even if they're owned by Izmash now they must still be putting
  6. Well, i looked through that and didn't find the definition of an assault weapon. I'm looking for that list that says "an assault weapon has a removable magazine and two or more of the following evil features: [ list ]" et cetera
  7. Could someone quote the part of 922r that defines an assault type weapon?
  8. So you opened a thread to tell us that they sent you what you ordered? To make my post at least remotely useful and to answer your question, BP-02s more than likely are coming from Belarus (which is a country) since the company that makes them (POSP) is in Belarus.
  9. May i suggest that you try glass fibre reinforced cutting discs, if you haven't already? They're amazing! They cost about a buck each but the ones i have (dremel 426 or 456) did the job that took 5 normal ones, and showed barely any wear afterwards!
  10. Ah, the car analogies always work. I'm a bit of an asshole in that regard - i can't stand when someone rices up an E34. But i don't think this is the case here. Sure i expressed my displeasure towards him modifying mags, but ultimately my "suggestion" would improve his rifle. Although i'm not sure about the availablility of 5,10 and 10in30 mags in the US, i'm sure you guys have some of those too.
  11. Snap, you're absoloutely right! They should still be functional in a normal AK. Now what should i say to keep my post valid to some degree.... oh i got it! You're still modifying them and thus trashing the collector value. EDIT: Oh and obviously your saiga will still only work with the mags you modified if you convert the mags instead of the rifle.
  12. To those who start crying at the slightest negative opinion, allow me to present smy point of view. First, as has been said above you can still use your factory mag in a converted Saiga, and there are military AK magazines in various sizes from 5 to 100 rounds, so modifying the magazines instead of the rifle seems like backwards thinking to me. If you modified the gun instead, it would be compatible with the millions of military magazines out there, not just the few you butcher. And second, AK mags won't be so prolific if people keep turning them into rifle stands and saiga mags! T
  13. Good job trashing some perfectly good AK mags : (
  14. Beat you to it. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=38367
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