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  1. It is somewhat unsafe, which is why I chose to be upfront about it. I wouldn't want someone to get hurt by it. My son about crapped his pants when this thing went burst on him. He didn't panic when it happened and he kept control of the pistol but he has no desire to fire it again. The parts to fix the problem are pretty cheap but I have another, newer MAC and I don't want to mess with this thing. This gun is for someone who doesn't mind doing a little work and who realizes they will never really use that weight set sitting in their corner collecting dust.
  2. I have an MPA930t 9mm mini MAC style pistol for sale or trade. It's the top cocking version, threaded barrel, it comes with 2 32rd polymer mags. It's old, beat up, I'm the 2nd owner and I've put about 500rds through it. It works mostly fine, with the occasional double feed when bump firing. I believe the sear is wearing out and will need to be replaced as it occasionally goes burst for 3-5 rounds when pulling the trigger too rapidly. Like I said the gun is a beater and is sold as is. I value it at $250 trade or cash, FTF only. I can send pics upon request. For trades I am looking for weigh
  3. I have a Chaos Porkypine I would like to sell or trade. It's the original version, I bought it in 2011, put it in my safe and forgot about it until today. It's in excellent condition with a small wear mark in the finish at the tip, all prongs are straight and it functions fine. I can provide pics on request. I value this at $325. I will take cash or trade for weight equipment. I'm looking for an olympic weight bench, olympic weight plates, dumbbell sets of all sizes between 50-100 lbs, prowler sleds, medicine balls, etc... I'm open to most exercise related trades. I will pay 50 cents per poun
  4. Good thing Dorner didn't have any accomplices. Those police put themselves in a position to be ambushed and rolled up. My platoon Sergeant would have ripped me a new asshole if my platoon acted like they did. It's the same in most police videos I've seen.The cops are so focused on their objective that they fail to pull security on their rear and flanks, they bunch up and cluster. I think it has to do with their belief that no one would attack them other than the one they are looking for. Perhaps that is true so long as they deal with lone wolves but sooner or later someone is going to organize
  5. RS12

    Etin Thrasher 4.0

    Man, that bullpup looks great. I like the color you chose for it but how much does it weigh? And how is the weight distributed? I had a Kel-Tec RFB that was somewhat heavy compared to an AK or AR but all the weight was in the stock and when you shouldered it the balance was excellent and I could switch between targets very rapidly without my forward arm getting tired. How does this rate?
  6. RS12

    My Saiga12 "BULL"

    Okay, but I'm not to that round count yet though. I'm running the cheaoest walmart ammo I can find to test with anyway. As long as we are doing a gentleman's challenge, lets kick it up a notch and do a real world test on video. My parents have an old farm pond with a nasty mud, silt, clay bottom. I'll take my gun and throw it in the pond and drag it back in that nasty pond crud and shoot it. Are you game for doing something like that with your weapon on video? Let me know, I'm going to my parents house next weekend. I'd like to see that.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'm interested at least and I don't go to every gun site on the internet so I haven't seen this before. Don't listen to the whiners, some of these guys just need to pull their panties out of their twat and rinse the sand out.
  8. I really like that last one. I could start so many fights wearing that shirt here in Ann Arbor.
  9. If you don't already have one get a Kel-Tec RFB. My current favorite. I've always wanted a bullpup .308 and I know others out there have the same desire. It's the same desire that made me buy 2 Saiga 12s'. Magazine fed 12 gauge = awesome. Bullpup .308 that takes FAL mags also = awesome, especially if you already own a FAL, as I do. The RFB is 27" from tip of muzzle brake to end of buttstock. Did I mention it's .308? He he he. Too bad ammo costs so damn much. That is one of two drawbacks, as I see it, the other being that it does not come with any sights. I understand it was made for optics but
  10. I have the same stock on one of my S12's also. Wrap it in paracord and hold it tighter into your shouder. That should be enough. If it's not buy a cheek pad or a new stock. I like my Tromix stock with Limbsaver the best and recommend it even without the Limbsaver. The bottom line is that if you can't comfortably shoot your weapon you need to make some changes while you don't need it to defend your life. Once you are defending your life it is too late to make any changes.
  11. I didn't make it to the pumpkin shoot last year but I am coming this year. If you schedule a summer shoot I'll come and bring some gun fun. I don't have any full auto but I'll bring my S-12's and my Kel-Tec RFB.
  12. That's an interesting gun. It looks like they have a finger adjustable gas knob on these models. There's only one pic where you can see down the front of the gas knob and it appears to have a screw or something that you can adjust like the spring loaded one on the autoplug. I notice the 12E version has the sight built right into the gas block and it does not appear to have an adjustable gas knob. I assume this is because the race gun will likely be used with more types of ammo. I would like to own one of these but most likely never will as I don't believe we can import them for civilian sales.
  13. RS12

    AKDAL MKA-1919

    Interesting. You obviously have handled them, how do they feel? More importantly how do they shoot? I always like personal testimonial from someone introducing a new product.
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