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  1. Yep, still waitin'. Tick, tock, tick, tock....
  2. I'm afraid of that also. The BATF risk may be too great at this point.
  3. Thanks Shooter, definitely going to give it a try. I've never heard of 15 or 19 round AK mags. But I swear I remember reading here that if you take this AK mag follower, and put it in a factory 10 round 7.62x39 Saiga mag.......it will hold 15 rounds. It's cheap enough to give it a try, so even if it doesn't work, you're only out a couple bucks. Or hopefully else can chime in and verify. Try asking about this specific mod in the 7.62x39 Saiga subforum here. That's where I read it before, a long time ago. I just can't remember if anyone reported feeding problems or not.
  4. Because for certain jurisdictions, restrictions kick in for mags "containing twenty or more rounds" Has anyone ever seen 15- or 19-round AK mags that work?
  5. Has anyone ever seen 15- or 19-round AK mags that work?
  6. Hope you bought the bulk of them during the recent MD blowout sale.
  7. I have the black T6 stock/grip on mine. Inexpensive, quick fit, utilitarian way to get 1 net US part, adjustable stock and a pistol grip. I am satisfied.
  8. I would buy them, if they are not "grinded" down to your gun yet...what sizes also (stick magazines or drums?). I got a couple + drums and they work just fine on my saiga :| ? Thanks, but I sold them locally.
  9. 4 billion 860 quadrillion 342 bazillion 871 and 1/2. Myself, I have 2 x 12 Surefire, 1 x 5 Saiga, 1 x 20 MD drum. Looking to add some MD double-stacks (tick-tock, tick-tock....)
  10. My HD setup is Tapco T6 stock/grip, DPH Russian copy muzzle attachment, MD V-Plug, Surefire 12-round mag, and Federal Tactical 00 Buck (which even worked at the #1 setting of the factory plug). I would go no lighter than #1 Buck for selfdefense.
  11. Never had a problem with my 2 Surefires. My 2 Promag 12s couldn't launch a Vienna sausage up the column if the world depended on it (just like the 2 pistol mags I bought over the years). Can't hand cycle more than 3 rounds, even after mild sanding and silicone spraying. Anyone want to buy 2 almost unused Promags for $15 each?
  12. Easy solution. Buy some Promags and you can spend a weekend going thru one mag.
  13. Awesome. Looks more AKish
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