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  1. I saw the one where he was dealing with someone that had a private plane and helicopter. He was freaking clueless as to what kind of stuff to offer the guy. Started with a mall ninja ar. The shotgun willie thing..well I could see the double since it fit the theme of where it was going to be. They did make it look like an old coach gun. He does come off as a used car guy. Looks like he caters to FUDs. Six guns and 1911s etc. The 1911 is the newest pistol design you see on the show. No way in hell I would let my daughter or wife dress like that. It does not seem like he has a problem
  2. Well if you want to work on the basics of shooting rifles you can't go wrong with a 22 bolt action. They are cheap to shoot and if you are just shooting at paper targets or spinning targets why not? Honestly I think everyone should learn to shoot on a 22 bolt action. Great to teach kids also.
  3. Selling the guns to a good friend is a good idea. Before I bought a few of my current guns I only had one. With my ex she tried to tell everyone I was making a big deal and making sure she knew I had a gun by the way I have it out. That gun was said to be a 12 gauge. That gun was a single shot bolt action 22 that was my grandfather's which I learned to shoot with. I was cleaning it to remove some surface rust that had gotten on it and gave it a general cleaning. I was doing this while watching TV. That was a long time before she filed for divorce. It is funny how they can take things
  4. I know a lot of people that use high temp grease on shotguns, aks, and pistols that get heavy use. Talking shooting 1000 rounds in a rifle or pistol over a weekend use. Use a very little amount since it goes a long way. They swear by it. From what I have seen it works great. They use the red hi temp grease you get from walmart, runs 6-7 bucks. With what you get you could take care of a lot of weapons.
  5. I would hate to meet the guy that could fire all those one handed and stay on target.
  6. Is there any real reason to go with an 8 over say a 10? I could be confused here..but from what I am seeing the reason for the 8 is to fit some holders better. Do I have that right? Is there any feed advantages? Something I missed? Also I am not a fan of what AGP did and looks like promags have problems. So other than drums I should get more surefire mags or is there someone else I should be looking into?
  7. It is a flash issue. Uninstall flash and reinstall it. http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html Save the uninstaller on your desktop. Odds are you will need to do it again.
  8. I have purchased a fair amount from there under the new owners. Can't go wrong with them. If there is a problem they work with you to fix it quickly.
  9. Dont be talking bad about troma like that! lol. they make some of my favorite B- movies. Most people here will probably hate their stuff if they arent familiar with it. They are very low budget. One of my favorite Troma movies is Cannibal the Musical by South Park creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker. The music in the trailer is mostly different than what is in the show. Don't get me wrong, Troma films were campy and did not take themselves too serious. While not exactly high art they were pretty funny. However the special effects and such were really really bad but fi
  10. You want bad? How about Ecks vs Sever? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecks_vs._sever I mean when a main stream big budget movie(Budget $70,000,000 Gross revenue $19,924,033) makes Troma films look good, you know it is really really bad. I think the Stunt coordinator was someone fired from the A team series and did that movie while stoned. It was so bad it was like watching a slow motion train wreck. You want to leave but it could not get any worse, wait it just did... A good runner up to that is Exorcist: The Beginning (4th movie). I considered leaving often while watc
  11. If you want something cheap to leave in the car. CZ 82. You can get it for around 200. Far more reliable than anything else at that price range and easy to conceal. Downside is being 9 X 18 makarov, not a huge selection of carry ammo. Hornady makes some good stuff for it. You might be able to find some generic jacketed hollow points also. You can get ball ammo pretty cheap but most places don't carry it. You have to hit a gun show or order it. If you want something bigger I would look at a pump shotgun.
  12. Lol well you two did say for better worse right? Looks like you are getting the worse out of the way up front. If after dealing with that all at once and you can still laugh at each other then you are doing good. You really see how people are when things are going bad compared to when things are going good.
  13. I agree with you. However one thing that is also becoming common is for a woman to attack a man and then claim he tried to rape her. I know some guys that had women start crap and then the guy gets in trouble for domestic abuse. I know still others that dated women where they worked and when they broke up it became sexual harassment and hr got pulled in. Almost never went well for the guy.
  14. Different take on this... http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2009/12/29/2009-12-29_cyan_brown_16_accused_of_stabbing_man_to_death_on_christmas_eve_surrenders_to_co.html
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