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  1. Dillon d-Terminator is a great product. Nice thing about a digital compared to triple-beam scale is the ability to set a tare weight (empty hull and primer) then check every 5th or 10th charged case when using a powder measure as opposed to measuring every powder charge individually before dropping into the hull. You can do this with a triple beam scale also but it just takes longer, and some beam scales aren't calibrated up to the total weight of the hull and powder charge combo. If there is ever a problem with any Dillon product you can be certain they will make it right, and in a timely fashion. I also have used Lee beam scales (accurate but slow) and an ancient Redding ( slightly less accurate but more elegant and capable of weighing heavier charges)
  2. sigmoidfletcher


    Thompson Center, or Knight (Modern Muzzle-loading) breech plug grease is the best stuff I've used for the threads.
  3. Recieved my 2 mags promptly, bodies in one week and springs 10 days later. No problems though one mag body needed a little modification to work properly. I've got stuff from this guy before and been satisfied.
  4. Just as an aside, I mounted a Williams peepsight rear from a Knight muzzle loader on my 410 and the contour was right on. The top cover on my shotgun fits very tightly and have had zero problems with alignment or coming loose.
  5. Bought a paradox ckoke from acca47. quick response, good follow up. Products as advertised. Recommended.
  6. Acca47 is a good source. I bought a paradox 410 from him had it in two weeks.Good communication and follow up too.
  7. Mine was doing this too. I had reused the Saiga hammer with the G2 trigger/disconnect parts.I replaced the hammer with the G2 part and no more problems. Same deal on my 410. If you're using the Saiga hammer try switching it for the G2.
  8. Recoil spring assembly on my 410 has a spring loaded button at the top of that if you can find one. Not sure if they are the same length as the 308 though.
  9. This is converted to PG. I did reuse the Saiga hammer but it hasn't malfunctioned before I added the buffer. I was shooting from a sandbagged rest so I doubt it bump fired. I had a similar problem with my 7.62 after conversion but fixed that by using the G2 hammer. It has a buffer in it and works perfectly. I didn't use the G2 hammer in the 410 for two reasons: the disconnector wouldn't catch it reliably and the Saiga hammer is slightly offset to hit the also offset firing pin on my 410. I'm guessing that the recoil buffer is causing the bolt carrier to rebound faster than it should and preventing the hammer from fully engaging the disconnector every time. Hand cycling it with the buffer in it functions properly. Don't really need a recoil buffer with the light recoil from this gun anyway, just thought it might last longer with one. Thanks, Tom
  10. Tried out a Blackjack recoil buffer in my 410 today. Went "full auto" on me with a 10 round mag. Removed the buffer and it ran fine. Anyone else have trouble with this? If you try one you might want to use fewer rounds until you know it's ok.
  11. If you're looking for a carry gun S&W model 60 Chiefs Special is an excellent J-frame .357 with adjustable sights. Very accurate for a 3 inch barrel though recoil is a bit stout in this smaller frame. Otherwise the 586/686 is my favorite revolver in any chambering.
  12. sounds good to me. I'll send you an email with details. Thanks
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