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  1. Im back, been gone awhile

  2. Repo Man - 6 years total with 2 different companies Bouncer - Moonlighted for about 8 years Mortgage Broker - 1 year (hated it) Union Welder/Pipefitter - 8 years and counting, should have started out of high school
  3. I had a tough time finding the 2 I have a couple years ago. With the current state of affairs in our country I doubt you will find one, If you do find one you will be raped on the price
  4. In my old house that I lived in for 13 years was in the city limits and I had a drug dealer live across the street from me for years and the local police took about 6 years to put a case together to arrest him. About 3 months after I moved out? The news said he was 1 of the largest dealers in my area. I called the police every chance I could and all they said "They knew of the situation"? I owned a duplex and lived on 1 side and rented out the other. My rental was empty and I gave up on being a landlord, it sucks. The empty side of my house was DIRECTLY across the street from the dealers house
  5. I depend on my Speedglas 9002x to work everyday. Nailbomb I wouldn't steer u wrong brother. I dropped mine "ALOT" and the highest was 25 feet and hit a railroad track while working on the new battery in Clairton in Pittsburgh. I thought it was a goner. picked it up and it turned right back on. The cheaper speedglas are not as good, trust me. I bought mine about 7 years ago and you know how much I use mine. I let my fitter "tack a hanger" 2 weeks ago and he is thinking about getting his certs again. He was amazed at how much he could see. I only wish it had 4 sensors instead of 2. I know wi
  6. I cut the barrel on my 1st from 22" to 18 1/4". At the same time I opened the gas ports on my 3 port gun and it eats anything I feed it. My next will have a monster brake on with an overall length of 18 1/4" and I plan to do the same for that one.
  7. I did exactly the same thing with my 2 50's. Put some weld under the front and rear tabs until they feed properly and little to no wobble. I used the tutorial in the 223 section from years ago and it worked great for me. Photobucket changed their site and I don't know to make the pic bigger.
  8. I hope this is true. I like how they talk about it not coming with the evil picatinny rail on the gas block.. give me a brake!!
  9. It did cross my mind. No ballistics on a smoothbore. I wouldn't have had this problem if the guy that shot him in the shoulder and neck a few years ago used buckshot instead of birdshot. Whoops, did I say that out loud!!!! The worst thing about it was there are little kids in the house.
  10. http://www.wjactv.com/news/29331350/detail.html This happened directly across the street from my old home that I am currently trying to sell??? They lived there for about a year and sold drugs openly the whole time. I personally called the cops on numerous occasions and little to nothing was done. It was like a "crack drivethrough" with the whole family involved. It was coming down to the fact I either needed to move or I was going to jail for multiple 2nd degree murder charges, lol. Now I live in the country and have an old chicken coupe in my backyard. I feel alot better wi
  11. If an american company sends their jobs oversees to a 3rd world country to save money they should have to pay an insanely high tax for every item they manufacture out of country and then import it back to us. If they threaten to leave the country and actually do it??? let them go. It makes me sick on a daily basis to look at any given product and see made in china. Then to go home that same night and watch the news and see unemployment at an all time high.
  12. Hell Yeah!!!! This is my favorite. Good job Saigatech.
  13. No way that was a warning shot that bear would have been chewing on his skull by the time he could get another round off. He needed to make the 1st one count. It can't be easy to aim and shit your pants at the same time. I can't say I would be doing anything different, that bear was fast..
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