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I've been fooling around with these since 2008, and wanted one since the mid 1990s. With a couple of easy changes it seems to be everything I ever wanted in a shotgun. (Except stainless.)


I enjoy clever improvements. I also appreciate a balanced tasteful simple gun. That whole elegant design thing... I also like crazy-ridiculous-"who could possibly ever need all that?!"-guns. The competition S12s exemplify that.


I respect careful workmanship, but the utilitarian stuff has more appeal. If you like your gun different than I like mine, good. Set it up how you like it. It's your gun. If it looks cool enough maybe I will copy you.(or buy your part)


I play as much paintball as I can manage which isn't much lately. It seems like I have been building pb guns more often than using them. I think I own about 26 autocockers, and think I need to branch out, but I keep finding good deals on cool stuff or neat projects. It is nice to be able to round up a dozen or so friends and say, "let's go shoot at each other!" -and then be able to do it. It is much more satisfying with equipment that doesn't suck. I know a bunch of gun snobs look down on paintball. I love beating those guys. (military guys are some of the easiest I have found, until they play a while. PB markers act differently than firearms, adjust your tactics accordingly.)


I think 3gun looks incredibly fun, and wish I could afford that kind of thing. I don't think they would allow me to bring my 10/22, and I don't have a .223 yet. --Someday. In the meantime, I am trying to get one of my S12s to be suitable for 3gun and casual use, while being highly personal to me.


I spent a lot of my life fishing in Alaska. A bunch of my family still does. And builds boats, and invents things. That makes for a strange person.

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