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  1. 1. I use a Rigid No. 150 with steel wheels. 2. Yup. Some of mine are less than that and have not budged after a bunch of rounds over the years. 3. The shroud will let loose. It will be free and you will know it instantly. Dont worry about cutting your barrel friend. The shroud you just cut will pop off. Just slide it off and you got virgin Russian barrel
  2. As I am obviously not soliciting business, I assume your speaking in the generic sense, on some board rule, and not on the topic of the legality as it is applied by the ATF?. I dunno.
  3. "Engaged in the business" is what is up for interpretation here. If I mow my neighbors yard 6 times a year your saying I am in the landscaping business? 12 times a year? How much of doing "something" or how much money needs to be made before you are engaged in the business? This has already been defined and litigated by the IRS for other businesses. You have to make more than $9K per year. Under that and it is a hobby. As for the ATF? There are cases on the books about guys buying guns, fixing, modifying and reselling them. They were charged with being a firearms dealer without a license. Outcomes of these cases are unclear. Probably a plea deal and no record. I dunno. I am a big fan of calling up my ATF agent I deal with all the time. He always likes free hamburgers and coffee anyway so it works out for both of us This has come up in our conversations. He shared a case he had with a guy and his wife getting a divorce. She was screaming he worked on peoples guns all the time and he wasnt licensed. Bitch. He checked it out. Yes the guy worked on peoples guns. Yes he charged them some money. Guy also had a full time job. He was justy doing this on the side for extra money. The ATF concluded he was not a dealer (reselling guns he fixed) and they closed the case. No action taken. Point here is he made it clear the ATF is looking for guys dealing guns (private sales) that clearly exceed just buying and selling guns as a private citizen/collecter and enter the realm of dealing firearms for profit. What needs to be understood is most of the "rules/law" are left wide open for interpretation. If you are the slightest bit concerned get your FFL. Easy as pie. Simple to do. Then you have no issues or worries.
  4. Many moons ago I had a guy that dropped his Saiga on a rock and boogered the crown up a tad. Had a gash @ around 3 O'Clock and was spitting fliers out. I recrowned the barrel with a 11 degree military crown and that thing shot lights out from there. So from there on out I have recrowned every Saiga every caliber (rifle) and they all shoot more accurate than stock. Why? I therozie the concave crown allows much less barrel turbulance in front of the muzzle. You get less "wobble" on the bullet as it leaves the barrel. I use a Dave Mason military recrowning kit. Had it for a long long time. Very easy to use and the carbide cutters last forever. Very clean and shiny cut....
  5. Mods if this is not allowed accept my apologies and please delete. Just a heads up SGAmmo got 175K rounds of Golden Tiger 7.62X39 in yesterday. Selling it in 1K lots @ $218 I know it has been rather hard to find lately and just wanted to let fellow forum members know they have it and are not gouging like others right now.
  6. I just buy the steel wheels off the internet. I have cut maybe 4 or 5 dozen barrels with the same wheel. The wheels at Home Depot/Lowes are for copper. When it breaks through, the piece your cutting "pops" (you can hear it over the stereo)...doesnt even touch the barrel. I am on my 3rd die but still using the original steel wheel on the pipe cutter Have two more 7.62X39's to convert today.
  7. Lord man! Calm down and learn to read. Nobody said shit about a 7 second GTO or a 10 second Camaro. WTF is your problem anyway? I build engines. So fucking what? You call them any fucking thing you would like and we both will be happy. But reading and comprehension could be your friend. I dont own every Comp Eliminator...I build engines. I own two shops...started as a hobby and went from there....Whoopi fucking Doo. Lord ...the idiots on the internet is overwhelming. Write checks? Did you forget your meds or something?
  8. A short block is an engine design. A block is the spinner assembly without the heads etc. Yes there are a few other parts I need. To lazy list them and most "normal" folks get that A block is a bare block. A short block is a block + rotating assembly. A long block is a short block + heads & valve train. A turn key is a long block + carb, pan, dist & everything else. The term small block & big block is what I believe you are referring to. Also referred to as mouse & rat motors. I agree most "normal" folk don't split hairs when they hear someone use the term short block when referring to a small block mouse motor. But this is the internet. To back up my statements I googled "short block", and this is the top hit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_block "Short block is an automotive term describing an engine sub-assembly. A short block is the portion of the engine block below the head gasket but above the oil pan. An in-block cam engine will also include the camshaft and timing gear. The overhead cam style of engine will not include the aforementioned parts on the shortblock. A shortblock is usually purchased to upgrade the water jacket, piston size or bore. Assemblies typically include the crankshaft installed and balanced along with the main bearing." There are also several hits to engine builders & machine shops that sell short blocks as a bare block + rotating assembly, and long blocks as a short block + heads. Nice cars you have there. Thanks...LOL....I will never get "used to" the internet.....Since the early 60's when I got into cars we refer to the small block as the short block....always have and always will. Old farts I run with...if you refer to a "short block" as a "small block" you will get some funny looks...... Point is this kid sez you can't run 7's with either one anyway...right? Just aint true at all.....But I did get a good laugh....hell I seen with my own two eyeballs a guy put a 283 Chevy in a freaking motorcycle and run 6's...no power adder I wouldn't do it! Rampy is a God among men.
  9. Gee whiz Wally...I hope my "credibility" passes your expert review. LOL...............The internet......
  10. I haven't heard many good things about the twisterpuc... As for your signature, I have to question your wording, are you talking about a big-block short block, or a small-block short block? If small block, then what again, are we talking about here Gen I or Gen III/Gen IV? I mean really, it doesn't make you sound very credible, seven seconds is hard to attain without a power adder or alcohol... Thanks for the belly laugh......you need to go to the drag races and watch the A/EA Comp division and come back and say that friend. Few (not all) of my toys.........all short blocks with no power adders of any kind. This is a LS3 Short Block...as this car sets it runs low 14 sec 1/4 mile.100% Street legal. This is a 408 Iron Block stuffed in a 2004 GTO...again a short block with no power adders....as it sits it runs high tens in the 1/4 mile...consistently with zero power adders but lots and lots of frame/suspension and drive-train modifications.100% Street legal. My class in the NHRA is A/EA Comp No power adders and runs mid 7's all day long. Not Street legal. ENNIS, Texas - SUMMIT FastNews - Order after one round of qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series, 25th annual O'Reilly Super Start Batteries NHRA Fall Nationals presented by Castrol Syntec: Psn Driver Class Index ET Ov/Un 1. Bruno Massel DD/AT 7.74 7.203 -0.537 2. David Rampy A/EA 7.84 7.308 -0.532 3. Chase Williams E/A 8.36 7.829 -0.531 4. Pete Carbery B/A 7.56 7.053 -0.507 5. Kevin Self F/EA 8.49 7.985 -0.505 6. Todd Patterson A/SMA 8.52 8.022 -0.498 7. Will Hatcher A/DA 7.13 6.634 -0.496 8. Clark Smiley C/A 7.95 7.491 -0.459 9. Mike Trumble A/SMA 8.52 8.074 -0.446 10. Keith Hall D/SM 8.98 8.534 -0.446 11. Rick Brown F/AA 8.49 8.069 -0.421 12. Terry Ticel G/AA 8.91 8.494 -0.416 13. Chris McGaha D/A 8.26 7.853 -0.407 14. Darin West F/AA 8.49 8.087 -0.403 15. Duane Robison C/A 7.95 7.554 -0.396 16. Jody Holland L/AA 9.50 9.140 -0.360 17. Bill Morse B/SMA 8.66 8.310 -0.350 18. Greg Porter G/SMA 9.30 8.956 -0.344 19. Ray Goodman A/EA 7.84 7.564 -0.276 20. Michael Johnson A/EA 7.84 7.589 -0.251 21. Brad Klein B/AP 7.84 7.609 -0.231 22. Cordis Johnson G/SMA 9.30 9.090 -0.210 23. Adam White A/ND 7.42 7.229 -0.191 24. Dennis Smiley B/DA 7.39 11.765 4.375
  11. A short block is an engine design. A block is the spinner assembly without the heads etc. Yes there are a few other parts I need. To lazy list them and most "normal" folks get that
  12. You did not mention a bullet guide nor foregrip et al in your original post. The trip factor on 922r is what? Pistol grip/larger (capacity above 10 rounds) magazine? Not bullet guides nor foregrips. So trying to read your mind here...I assume your wanting to go with a larger capacity magazine? Muzzle attachment doesnt count towards compliance. Piston does. Replacing a Russian foregrip with a Bulgarian foregrip nets you nada for compliance. So you need three more compliant parts to change out here. US Made magazine is three parts. FCG is three parts. Butt stock would be one part. Here....this may help you friend.... http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildAkVerifyCompliance
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