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  1. There are more restrictions on imported firearms than there are domestic ones. Hence why guns such as the Glock 25 and 28 are illegal to import for civilian sales. A domestically produced S12 would be perfectly legal. The issue is that it wouldn't be cost effective to manufacture in the US when cheaper imports are readily available.
  2. You can't make an AOW from an S12. You'll need a virgin receiver to do so. AOWs can't have stocks, ever. If it ever had a stock then it's a weapon made from a shotgun (SBS) even if you take the stock off. Cadiz is making AOW S12s, maybe a few others. In the case of the S12 an AOW is basically a pistol. Cost for tax stamp to make an AOW is $200, cost for tax stamp to transfer is $5. Smoothbore handguns, handguns with vertical fore grips, pen guns, wallet guns, cane/umbrella guns, etc. are all examples of AOWs.
  3. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Corbin" data-cid="854364" data-time="1359246291"><p> I thought the mid length gas setup offered more dwell time. Or is it a matter of dwell pressure vs dwell time?</p></blockquote> Dwell time is the time from the bullet passing the gas port to it exiting the muzzle. 16" carbine gas does have the longest dwell time. Beat up GI mags are the ARs biggest issue. Get good mags and pretty much any quality configuration will work. Buy a Hesse/Blackthorne/Vulcan and you're just asking for trouble.
  4. I want to say someone makes a core that takes BAD ASS levers. Maybe Firebird.
  5. Seeing as no one knows what's in the proposed ban because it hasn't been written yet, how should we know? If it's anything like the last AWB, it won't affect the S12. ETA: Except for the drums and 12rd stick mags obviously.
  6. Top on my list is eliminate gun free zones. The only reasonable response to violence is overwhelming counter violence.
  7. I herd a rumor that Colt lost the contract to Daniel Defense. Not sure how true it is though. May just be that. A rumor. Remington got the most recent contract. Pretty sure they lost it before actually delivering any rifles. Daniel Defense has a contract to supply some of the parts for the Mk18.
  8. Colt is the only provider of M4s to both the US military and civilian market. There are other makers that make ARs that are just as good or better, not many though. Daniel Defense, Noveske, LaRue, Bravo Company, maybe a few others.
  9. Not likely. Most of your $12 is going to keep the lights on and pay the employees, not pay for the few cents worth of plastic used in making the product. If everything was priced based on what it cost in materials alone, no one would be able to stay in business.
  10. Exactly. And no, I'm not going to actually print this shit out and try to flash it to the cops or anyone else. I was just bored at work, no calls coming in, so nothing to do. Ok, I laughed
  11. Facebook page is up, http://www.facebook.com/ToothAndNailArmory?ref=tn_tnmn
  12. I can do the FB page for you. Also PM sent about Team Member.
  13. Mine is a couple of years old, I know he redesigned the levers to look more like an AR safety, might've redesigned the workings of it as well, I don't know.
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