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  1. Izhmash dragunov stock is sold pending funds. Lot price $90 shipped for the remainder
  2. I have three assorted Saiga OEM stocks, three Saiga OEM handguards, one un-converted dragonov stock for Saiga, and three OEM AR pistol grips. Does not come with hardware. Looking for $15 per set plus shipping (stock and grip) or $100 for the lot free shipping. If you buy the lot I'll toss in a factory x39 5rd magazine. I'm just trying to move some parts I don't need. Please email brandenatsignal@gmail.com since I'm not on here regularly anymore.
  3. thinking about buying an S12 and converting. about time I got a shotgun

    1. Mullet Man
    2. ShadowFire


      Seriously man, do it, you'll love it. Mine has become the "flagship" of my collection.

    3. gregomega


      I second or third the motion. Recommend the new legions if you can. I love mine!!! But any S-12 will do really. Just depends on what u want on it.

  4. thinking about buying an S12 and converting. about time I got a shotgun

  5. how about you do all the above. Use paypal, don't mention it's for a gun. choose gift because it's cheaper that way, keep a copy of transaction emails and shipping documents and continue sticking it to the man considering you're giving them the finger everytime you use their system to buy a firearm :-)
  6. I feel sorry for you man, it looks good but the STG-2000 is a horrible platform. I got out from under mine as soon as I could, I was hitting paper erratically at 20 yards anytime I used the sites. the point shoot isn't bad though
  7. silica packs or the bag of rice will do it like Cobra said. I have tons of stored surp. ammo and that's what keeps them clean and functional year to year
  8. Sup guys, Looking for an M&P. if you're selling let me know and we'll see what we can do
  9. Hopefully you all do know that there are more accessories than just the GP-30 launcher. they do make bipods and other nice toys for people who enjoy that kind of thing...still don't know why you'd put something like that on an AK but to each their own. I will say that the accessory lug may get in the way for my future plans anyways, I really don't wanna test the spacing on a 37mm Havoc and that lug just in case it decides to get in the way. Oh and if the safety lever is jacked up it's real cheap just to buy a new one that may be closer to proper specs. just saying, any AK owner should know tha
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