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  1. If you don't have food, and water on hand you better get it. Also head to the store, and get some bleach, masks, some nbc suits. You may also want to buy some plastic sheeting to seal off cracks/AC vents if ever need be. Some people will call you crazy, but screw them if you protect your family it's all that matters. I was going to buy a bunch of hand sanitizer and stuff, but I already have a lot of vodka on hand so I can just use that. This was posted on another site I visit, and I've shared it here for you guys to understand more of what's going on, and take this more seriously. ----
  2. The fact that she wants a gun is awesome. You should be a proud father for that. As for the bedazzle thing... I kind of feel about that as I do airsoft. If it gets more people into guns, and protect our rights I can't be mad about it. I get angry sometimes with all the airsoft youtubers, and results in google, but it really is helping the gun industry, and bringing people over to guns in general. I'm sure you can come up with a good compromise such as a two toned rifle or something. Or you can always tell her these weapons are designed for self defense, and not toys, and you don't want someone
  3. From everything I have read online, if you want something that is good for low cost check out the bushnell trs-25. Can be had around $65-$90 normally, and gets great reviews. It seems like the next jump up from there is the $500 range ones.
  4. netstorm

    M92 PAPPV

    I seriously love this setup. Never sell it.
  5. I've seen these, and I'm pretty sure they retail for $200 or so. I don't see the point at all for it unless maybe at the range. In a real world situation for defense etc it makes no sense at all. It is def legal though.
  6. Anyone else notice they usually only do this in liberal areas? This generally doesn't happen where people defend themselves.
  7. Might be worth picking this up while it's available. I've been waiting about 2 years to get some. If we buy it out hopefully they will ship more out. http://www.sgammo.com/product/golden-tiger/1000-round-case-545x39-fmj-59-grain-golden-tiger-non-corrosive-new-production-a
  8. Some of the new wolf 5.45 from ukraine is sealed. http://www.ammoman.com/750-rounds-of-wolf-545x39-full-metal-jacket
  9. Actually it was done by a Liberal professor from San Diego.
  10. This has been google adsense policy for as long as I've been with them. Before you sign up for something you read the terms, and agree to them. There are plenty other advertising companies to go through.
  11. Sportsmansguide has some preorder 22lr at around 4-5 cents per round. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/325rds-22lr-automatch-bulkpack.aspx?a=1305481 Coupon Code: SG2229 is $20 off $75 order which helps pay for shipping. So what you should do is order 5 at a time with that coupon to get the best deal. I've decided not to buy any so others can have some as I have enough ammo, and at some point you gotta let others get some.
  12. I think the russian calibers are going to plummet due to the imports coming in. I don't think 223/308 etc will see as fast as a decline in pricing because so many americans own guns in those calibers. I've been noticing 7.62x39 has been decreasing pretty quick, and it should be sub 30 cent range soon, and 25 cents after that hopefully.
  13. The American ammo shortage has been a boon for foreign ammo makers as ammunition imports into the U.S. doubled during the first months of 2013. According to data from the Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission, imports of ammo cartridges as well as shotguns have just about doubled during the first two months of 2013. For the first two months of 2013, about 457 million cartridges were imported into the U.S. — more than double the amount of cartridges that were imported during the first two months of 2012. Shotgun shell imports have more than doubled as well, from 10 millio
  14. You're a great neighbor, and I'm glad you got rid of the trash. You def did the right thing in this situation.
  15. I'm working on mine right now at gunbuddy.com. It's pretty much in alpha right now as I'm fixing a ton of bugs. Any suggestions would be nice.
  16. Nice thing about this is they plan to add metal supports down the road, and this is going to push all the import magazine prices down more. Hopefully they will also do 5.45 later also. Competition is always good to keep prices low for us.
  17. From what I've been reading is they were doing random house searches. Something like 1 house per street or something. Whoever made that call is a complete idiot.
  18. Everyone out of the house so we can dehumanize you in front of your entire neighborhood, and make you look like criminals.
  19. So if the government points the finger at any of us we don't deserve any rights to fight it in court? Let's just allow them to black bag everyone, and call everyone a terrorist and whisk people away using the NDAA. Great idea.
  20. Seems the liberal states just let them do what they want. I would hope the conservative states would have a problem with them going in without warrants.
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